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What is an ‘ESTA’ - why do you need one?

July 2021
If you are a UK citizen and want to visit the best Pride destinations in North America you’ll need to apply for an ESTA or eTA for the US and Canada respectively.
ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization and is required for the 90 day visa waiver when UK citizens wish to travel to the US. Here’s some background on how to apply - without the hassle - from our friends at e-Visa.

When applying for an EST

When applying for an EST

This Summer's Hottest Underwear!

July 2021
Even though we have not seen the sun that much yet, the summer is here, and with all the freedom we are getting back we are loving it. Drinks out, family visits and just enjoy the day-to-day more. I am not sure about you but during lockdown I have neglected many things such as a good diet, exercising, cleaning and things like that. No one was going to notice anyway.

Summer's hottest underwear

Summers hottest underwear

Summer is coming

May 2021
We are loving Spring at the moment and cannot wait for Summer to burst into action! Very much enjoying the beer gardens, outdoor catch ups and showing off our new haircuts! For many going back to the gym is also a long-awaited source of happiness. For me it is not so much a source of happiness but more necessity considering the number of take-outs I have managed to put into my body recently.

Summer is coming

Summer is coming

Seven Masturbation Tips For Men

April 2021
Contrary to popular belief, the male orgasm is not that simple. It is a complex process involving hormones, organs, and nerve pathways, resulting from sexual activity (physical sensation) or arousal (cognitive awareness). If there's a hold-up somewhere along its process, it may be difficult or altogether impossible to achieve orgasm.

Seven Masturbation Tips For Men

Seven Masturbation Tips For Men

Lockdown Valentine Adult Special!

February 2021
Early 2021 and we are still in lockdown, who would have thought that 12 months ago! It is driving us a little mad here at the esmale headquarters. Almost a year on an we are still unable to move around the way we like and meet who we want when we want. We have lost out on so much fun and human contact.

Lockdown Valentine Adult Special

Valentine Adult Special

The popper journey, you need to know

December 2021
These little bottles have been on quite a journey - both from a legal standpoint and from a formulation point of view. After long and intense debates in the UK Parliament poppers were excluded from the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016. This meant that a specific formulation could remain legally on sale for adults within the UK as the content is not psychoactive.

The popper journey and what you need to know

The popper journey

Major milestone in LGBTQ+ equality, EU

November 2020
Major milestone in LGBTQ+ equality for EU
EU countries that do not respect LGBTQI rights should face financial penalties, said Helena Dalli, the European commissioner for equality.

Read more on Major milestone in LGBTQ+ equality for EU

POLITICO Equality strategy

Gay sex summer of 2020

August 2020
My goodness what a summer! You can't do this, but you can do that... on no you can't... or can! Lots of that and more confusion was, and still is the theme of this summer. Like many I have particularly been struggling with not having contact with those closed to me and zooming is only “fun” the first few times. After that it became more of a reminder of how much I miss people rather than a good way to stay connected.

Gay sex summer of 2020



May 2020
Now that we are all in lockdown I wanted to share some adult fun stuff to do indoor, I am lucky enough to work for, one of the biggest online gay lifestyle stores in the UK and have access to thousands of amazing gay sex toys and the hottest fashion and fetish gear.

Adult fun during Lockdown


Ultimate Guide to Butterflies

October 2019
Butterflies and moths have been around for millions of years. They used to be a common sight in gardens, but numbers have declined since the 1940s along with our other native wildlife species such as bees and hedgehogs.



My coming out story

I used to be very homophobic and had a very butch life. Coming out to me was not telling other people but admitting to myself that I was gay. I had a very serious climbing incident on the Bonatti Pillar in the French Alps, that made me re-look at life.
No way was I going to live. I had two ways to die and gave myself 24 hours to choose how to die after being stuck alone 4,000M up a mountain for 6 days, 4 days without food and water.

Here is my coming out story
what made me come out
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