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Tantric Soul gay massage in London

Tantric Soul gay massage in London

Location: London, UK

Hello and a very warm welcome to Tantric Soul, Gay massage London, established 2005. We are London's most popular and skilled Body to body and Tantric massage agency.
We specialise in Swedish, deep tissue massage, with an erotic twist, providing Gym fit, handsome, skill masseurs with locations right across Central and West London.
Enjoy a relaxing body to body massage where you can be pampered and cared for, with a handsome, fit gentleman in complete discretion.

Tantric soul Gay massage London on PinkUk   
Tantric Soul gay massage in London
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Bears and their admirers

Welcome to our page for Bears, their friends and admirers.

bear flag The International Bear Brotherhood Flag, the pride flag of the bear community. Craig Byrnes created this flag in 1995.

What is a Bear and who are some of their important friends?
The Urban Dictionary says, “The most common definition of a "bear" is a man who is hairy, has facial hair, and a cuddly body. However, the word "Bear" means many things to different people, even within the bear movement. Many men who do not have one or all of these characteristics define themselves as bears, making the term a very loose one. Suffice it to say, "bear" is often defined as more of an attitude than anything else - a sense of comfort with our natural masculinity and bodies that is not slavish to the vogues of male attractiveness that is so common in gay circles and the culture at large.”

Additionally, Bears have often have friends who include Cubs - usually younger gay men who have the same build and look as Bears - and Otters who are usually gay men who like body hair but who may not have a larger build.

We are adding more content to this page and we welcome any suggestions about how to make it a more useful resource for anyone interested in Bear culture and lifestyle.

Some useful bear links.:
Bear World Magazine
FaceBook: Bear Brotherhood
FaceBook: Gay Bears Official

Bear prides/events

These are the future bear prides that we have listed. If we don't have a bear event listed, please let us know
Australia 18 February 2024 Bear Essentials 2024 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Spain 06 March 2024 MadBear Valencia 2024 Valencia, Valencia, Spain
Spain 09 March 2024 Bear Carnival 2024 Maspalomas, Canarias, Spain
Spain 09 March 2024 Noxon Bear Week 2024 Maspalomas, Canarias, Spain
USA 17 March 2024 Los Angeles Leather Pride 2024 Los Angeles, California, USA
Germany 26 March 2024 Easter Berlin Leather Fetish Week 2024 Berlin, Berlin, Germany
USA 13 April 2024 Bear Pride Cruise 2024 San Francisco, California, USA
Estonia 18 April 2024 Tallinn Bearty 2024 Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia
USA 19 April 2024 Atlanta Bear Pride 2024 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Spain 26 April 2024 International Bears Sitges Meeting 2024 Sitges, Catalonia, Spain
UK 02 May 2024 The Great British Bear Bash 2024 Manchester, Lancashire, UK
USA 23 May 2024 International Mr Leather 2024 Updated event Chicago, Illinois, USA
Portugal 27 May 2024 Lisbon Bear Pride 2024 Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
Poland 30 May 2024 Bear and Fetish Camp 2024 Ocypel, Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland
USA 31 May 2024 Bear Jamboree 2024 Orlando, Florida, USA
Netherlands 05 June 2024 Amsterdam Bear Pride 2024 Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
USA 06 June 2024 Fire Island Bear Weekend 2024 New York, New York, USA
Netherlands 08 June 2024 Bear Necessity 2024 Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
USA 13 June 2024 Provincetown Bear Week 2024 Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA
Norway 22 June 2024 Oslo Bear Week 2024 Oslo, Oslo, Norway
Finland 27 June 2024 Bear with Us Helsinki 2024 Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
USA 04 July 2024 Atlanta Bear Fest 2024 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Italy 25 July 2024 Sardinia Bear Weekend 2024 Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
USA 29 July 2024 Lazy Bear Week 2024 Guerneville, California, USA
Czech Republic 06 August 2024 International Prague Bear Summer 2024 Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

Bear venues

These are the venues that we have listed, that have been classed as a 'bear' venue. If we dont have a bear venue listed, please let us know
Belgium 9Hotel Central Brussels, Belgium
Colombia Leos Bar Bogota, Colombia
Colombia Turkish baths and sauna ULISES Bogota, Colombia
France Le Bears Bar Occitanie, France
France Le Bronx Paris, France
Germany Blond Cocktailbar Berlin, Germany
Germany Raw Shop Hesse, Germany
Ireland The Wiley Fox Dublin, Ireland
Mexico Tom's Leather Bar Mexico City, Mexico
Netherlands Bear-Necessity Amsterdam, Netherlands
Portugal 3Sauna Lisbon, Portugal
Portugal Shelter Bar Lisbon, Portugal
Spain Bears Bar Valencia, Spain
Spain Hot Madrid, Spain
Spain Men's Bar Andalucia, Spain
UK BBB - Bristol Bear Bar Somerset, UK
UK Camelford Arms East Sussex, UK
UK Club Wearinghers London, UK
UK Eagle London London, UK
UK Eden Bar West Midlands, UK
USA 440 Castro California, USA
USA Barracks Bar California, USA
USA Bear Wear California, USA
USA Denver Sweet Colorado, USA
USA Diesel Washington, USA
USA Pat O's Bunkhouse Saloon Arizona, USA
USA Rockbar NYC New York, USA
USA The Bolt California, USA
USA The Eagle New York, USA
USA The Iron Bear Texas, USA
USA The Pond Bar and Grill Delaware, USA
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