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PinkUk LGBTQ+ guide to the UK & Worldwide

PinkUk is a resource for LGBTQ+ people living in or visiting the United Kingdom who are interested in using gay / LGBTQ+ friendly venues and services in the UK or who are visiting leading gay-friendly destinations and venues around the world. PinkUk also lists major LGBTQ+ events in the UK and from around the world along with leading Worldwide pride festivals.

Read our feature articles and on subjects like how to beat the lockdown boredom.

corona virus Important note: we would like to wish all our users and advertisers our Pinkest love and support during the worldwide COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. As you know, for health reasons some Pride festivals and other events for 2020 have been cancelled or postponed and travel is restricted during the lockdown period in the UK and other countries. Please check the Pride festival’s website (listed on their PinkUk page) for the latest information on whether this event/festival has been cancelled / if they have changed their plans. We have put in place measures to help our existing advertisers in this period. Note there is still lots to do on the PinkUk site as well as to prepare for when restrictions are lifted. Take a look around: we have a chat forum, a dating section, e-cards and a slang urban dictionary relevant for LGBTQ+ communities.
Pink love and huge respect x.


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PinkUk has 2,831 venues listed in 57 countries, and 629 prides in 2020 & 2021.


UK & the rest of the world pride events for 2020. We have a comprehensive list and details of 460 Prides and other major LGBTQ+ events in the UK and the rest of the world for 2020. We have 169 Prides for 2021.

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