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PinkUk LGBTQ+ guide to the UK & Worldwide

PinkUk is a resource for LGBTQ+ people living in or visiting the United Kingdom who are interested in using gay / LGBTQ+ friendly venues and services in the UK or who are visiting leading gay-friendly destinations and venues around the world. PinkUk also lists major LGBTQ+ events in the UK and from around the world along with leading Worldwide pride festivals. We work with close media partners such as Scene magazine and advertisers to help ensure you are fully informed in a fast-moving world.

Scene LGBTQ+ Magazine

Scene LGBTQ+ Magazine The top UK, free to read, monthly, online, LGBTQ+ magazine.

Scene is the heart of LGBTQ+ living.
We are ranked by blog content reader FEEDSPOT in the top 15 worldwide LGBTQ+ blogs and magazines.

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PinkUk news: Miami's G8 festival - My fight against HIV/AIDS - Esmale: a decade of adult pleasure Each month we send out a newsletter and we also create a PDF version, that can be downloaded or read on line.
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Here we list any venue who are LGBTQ+ friendly. These can be venues you see on the scene like bars, clubs etc. but also LGBTQ+ or friendly business and services like solicitors, holiday accommodation and resorts, cruising grounds to Escort agencies and masseurs. PinkUk has 3,176 venues listed in 66 countries.

Featured holiday accomodation

corona virus The last couple of years have been turbulent for everyone and for the LGBTQ+ scenes and businesses we support.
We wish all our users and businesses, advertisers and friends our Pinkest love and support as the Covid-19 pandemic is brought under control.
check our Pride festival page for the latest information on which Pride and other events are happening as restrictions are eased safely.
We also have a chat forum, a dating section, e-cards and a slang urban dictionary relevant for LGBTQ+ communities.
Get in touch if you have any questions.
Pink love and huge respect x Dave and team



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