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Hot adult products to look out for!

March 2023 Oliver, Esmale

esmale Oliver, from our friends at Esmale, updates on the latest trends and opportunities for safe and responsible fun for gay men.

I am not sure about you, but we cannot believe we are in March and already heading towards spring, I can still taste my Christmas dinner! Madness. Before the year runs away with us, we wanted to share some hot trends and new developments with you regarding all things adult. From new gay sex toys, underwear, fetish, and essentials. We just want to make sure you are well informed on how you can achieve maximum pleasure in 2023.

Gay underwear

esmale Gay underwear 2023 is going to be a great year if you love underwear, jockstraps, singlets, and fetish gear. All the powerhouses like Addicted, Pump, Barcode, TOF Paris, Sukrew and Breedwell are coming with great new styles that will show off all your assets. We are especially loving the Breedwell gear, full of attitude and their items just ooze naughtiness. Some of the new styles are already available but there is plenty more to come, so keep an eye out!


There is no doubt that using quality sex essentials will increase the level of pleasure you experience when having a good time. Premium lubes, delay creams and performance enhancers all make a difference. Even a good bottle of poppers can help. If you do not know what they are please click this link; what are poppers? A new trend we have seen is that customers are going for the more premium products these days and to us that makes a lot of sense. A bottle of quality lube will last a lot longer as you do not have to re-apply it all the time, which is annoying in itself. You don't want to be stopping the action when you are full flow. In terms of new essentials, we have added new premium lubes from Swiss Navy, ID Lube and Gun Oil. For those that peak to early we recommend the new delay spray from ID.

Toy trends

gay toy trends We love both ends of the spectrum! When it comes to getting pleasure out of toys we are seeing 2 clear trends.

  1. New users
    We have welcomed many new customers to the store that are just starting their journey of self-exploration through adult products. The anal toys for beginners, bondage starter kits and introductory toys to various pleasures are on the increase. It is great to see that the taboo around using toys is getting less and less. To ensure all newcomers have plenty to choose from we have bought in lots of new starter toys, entry level BDSM and fetish tools.
  2. Bigger seems to be better
    In stark contrast to the newcomers, we noticed that the experienced self-lovers are going XXL and multi-functional. We think it might have been the lock-down effect where people were exploring more. Large toys and items that come with bells and whistles like vibrating and rotating settings or electro stimulation are in high demand. These are not the cheapest of products but do guarantee many hours of strong and intense fun. With this trend in line, we are getting some great new all singing and dancing new products in. The first one is in already, the auto blow. This is a fully automated masturbator, all you have to do is sit back, have some strong poppers at the ready and let the machine do all the work.

darkroom collection It is going to be a good year! With all the feedback we have had from you all 2023 is going to be an amazing year if you are into adult fun. If you have yet to started exploring what your body and mind likes or not likes, this year might be a good one to begin your journey. We are of the belief that taking the time out to treat yourself to what your body enjoys and makes you feel good is always good value for money. But to keep the cost down we have set up a voucher code for PINKUK readers. Just enter code PINKUK10 at the check out and get an extra 10% off your purchase.

With Love, the Team at Esmale


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