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Villa Ragazzi gay only resort south France

Villa Ragazzi gay only resort south France

Location: Between Nîmes and Montpellier, France

For 15 years this year, we provide an exclusively gay men resort, a relaxation clothing optional bubble south France.
Located in Camargue, the famous naturist gay beaches of Espiguette and Grand Travers are just a few miles away
You will appreciate the quality of the setting and the unique service that we offer: everyday menu for lunch and diner, professional massages, sauna, jacuzzi, a huge pool and a cocktails bar!
Villa Ragazzi is so much more than a guesthouse, check it now

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Villa Ragazzi gay only resort south France
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Spring & Sex are in the air!

May 2024 Oliver, esmale

I am so excited; I cannot contain myself! Spring is here and Summer is coming. Two of my favourite seasons. The weather is getting hotter, and more flesh will be on show. Soon I will be cruising the streets of London. Will have a bottle of poppers in my pocket hoping to find some action! Is anyone else on heat during this period? It is like I am receiving pheromones from everywhere and anyone. I have been preparing with my anal butt plug so I am ready for anything. I know I sound like a complete hussy, and I guess I am, but there are other things I am looking forward to that do not involve a bottle of liquid gold poppers.

poppers in the UK

In my element

One of the things I love most is just hanging out with my friends in a park, pub, garden or some event. I get a lot more social when the weather is good, I am a bit of a winter hibernator and see my friends a lot less in the winter months. Colder weather equals Netflix, Grindr hook-ups and enjoying my selection of anal toys for men. I currently live in London so my first stop will be Soho and so I will enjoy the vibe. To be honest, however much I love London, now that I am getting a bit older it is not always hitting the mark for me. I am not saying London is for “the young” but I am aware I need to select bars more carefully ensuring I am the only 35+ in the room. After getting my first outing in London out of the way and hopefully pick up a bit if trade I can't wait for the rest of Spring/Summer. In particular:

Mighty Hoopla

party time

This is probably my favourite Event. The audience Is super diverse, and the lineups are always amazing. It feels Like when London Prides used to be in a park. As I work for I often get tickets through the office and that certainly helps as going out to these events is never cheap. Earlier this year I went to a Mighty Hoopla in Bogner Regis, in West Sussex, and it was epic, I had an amazing time, wink wink. I hope the next version in Brockwell Park will be the same.

Brighton & Hove Pride

I think this is still the best Pride in the UK although Leeds and Manchester are also up there. I guess everybody has their own number one Pride. I love this one as it is near the sea, and they have some premium world-class acts on stage. If you have never been, GO!

Fetish Week

On heat

Last but certainly not least is Fetish Week in London. A place to unleash your naughty self. Bring lots of anal lube you'll need it if you want to. Fetish Week is the ultimate if you love adult play, cruising and getting your rocks off. It is also really social, and you meet lots of great people. Out of all the Prides or events, Fetish Week, in my experience, has the biggest international appeal (apart from London Pride). So, don't be surprised if you find yourself engrossed with a tall Dutchman, Hot Frenchman, or a hunky dude from the USA.

Where to go and what to do?

The UK is full of action in the next few months and if you would like to travel then this opens up even more great LGTBQ+ events. Personally, I am a big fan of the Prides in Amsterdam, Sitges and Madrid. I have never been to a Pride in the USA, so that is on my wish list. To have a complete overview of what is on when and where I recommend you check out, they have spent a lot of time cataloguing all the events across the world so all you have to do is pick those that appeal to you the most.


pink gay shop

Even if you are not as excited as I am I hope you have an amazing Spring/Summer. The best times are had when you are yourself, be kind, follow your heart and see where it takes you. Hopefully, it leads to lots of joy, happiness and who knows in the arms of some hunky person.

Get ready for it

To make sure you are fully prepared from an adult play point of view there are 2 online stores where you can get pretty much anything you need for some hot action.

To start your journey please have a look at the following stores. for all your adult tool, fetish gear, essentials and underwear. for the best aromas available in the UK.

With love, Oliver and the team from esmale.

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