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Relax Gay Massage

Relax Gay Massage

Location: Salisbury UK, UK

Welcome to RELAX massage.. I hold a Diploma in full body massage and am insured,.Offered by gay male.Bi/Straight/Nervous welcome!.We have a massage gun to help relieve stiff areas etc, and can also apply a deep moisturising foot mask whilst i undertake your massage (separate charge).Please be aware i require 1 hours notice to prepare your oil etc..Each customer will be provided with a bottle of mineral water and a free sample of oil to use at home to help you sleep..
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LGBT History Month

January 2022

In the UK in February is LGBT History Month which plays a big part in providing information and educating LGBTQ+ identifying people about their heritage. In the UK it is commemorated in February as a salute the abolition of the notorious ‘Section 28’ legislation, passed by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s government in the 1980s, which threatened prosecution of public agencies who promoted positive identities for LGBTQ+ communities such as libraries and schools.

lgbt history month This year the theme is Politics In Art: ‘The Arc Is Long’ which ties with art in the school curriculum in England. Read more about UK LGBT History Month.


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LGBT+ History Month


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