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Villa Ragazzi gay only resort south France

Villa Ragazzi gay only resort south France

Location: Between Nîmes and Montpellier, France

For 15 years this year, we provide an exclusively gay men resort, a relaxation clothing optional bubble south France.
Located in Camargue, the famous naturist gay beaches of Espiguette and Grand Travers are just a few miles away
You will appreciate the quality of the setting and the unique service that we offer: everyday menu for lunch and diner, professional massages, sauna, jacuzzi, a huge pool and a cocktails bar!
Villa Ragazzi is so much more than a guesthouse, check it now

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Villa Ragazzi gay only resort south France
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Mothers Day

That special day for mums: Mothering Sunday
March 2022

mothers day Yes, it’s almost here for those in the UK. It’s that special time of the year for people who have mums to pay love and respect to their beautiful mammas.

Mothers’ Day (Mothering Sunday) in the UK is looming on 27th March with the USA celebrating its Mothers Day not far behind on 8th May.

Adult LGBTQ+ boyz and girlz and others often have close relationships with their mums and this commemoration is a wonderful time to show how much you love and value your wonderful mum.

While there’s all the traditional options available to show your appreciation from flowers and chocolates to taking mum out for dinner, there’s plenty of other options too depending on what your mum likes and they needn't break your bank.

Why not take your mum and folks on a visit to country house tour if you both live close by?

If your mum likes eating out, how about a dining gift card? These can be purchased at sites such as They offer cards that support local restaurants so helping local business.

If she’s into glossy magazines, why not buy an annual subscription to her favourite title?

If she’s into gardening why not get some gift vouchers from a local garden centre? Many garden centres have online buying options such as

While flowers are always a safe option, why not think outside the box and look at house or garden plants that will last for a long time? Garden furniture such as outdoor thermometers and sun dials are also great gifts if you have the cash.

Alternatively, if your bank balance is an issue why not cook her a low cost, tasty, meal. If you live close by you could even do the cooking at yours and take the food in a cool bag over as a surprise. Make sure you cook enough for your dad if he’s around!

Another idea is to take your mum to the theatre or a sporting event you could even buy tickets to an event much later in the year such as the Wimbledon Tennis tournament.

Most mums are into looking and feeling good so there’s all the toiletries and special gifts you can get online or from the high street.

So what plans do you have? Let us know any good ideas and we'll post your suggestions.

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