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Villa Ragazzi gay only resort south France

Villa Ragazzi gay only resort south France

Location: Between Nîmes and Montpellier, France

For 15 years this year, we provide an exclusively gay men resort, a relaxation clothing optional bubble south France.
Located in Camargue, the famous naturist gay beaches of Espiguette and Grand Travers are just a few miles away
You will appreciate the quality of the setting and the unique service that we offer: everyday menu for lunch and diner, professional massages, sauna, jacuzzi, a huge pool and a cocktails bar!
Villa Ragazzi is so much more than a guesthouse, check it now

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Villa Ragazzi gay only resort south France
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The UK - is it still pink?

June 2023 Simon, PinkUk

The LGBTQ+ communities should stand together when under threat but recognise our differences.

ILGA Europe
ILGA Europe

Simon Williams at PinkUk looks at the recent European rankings on LGBTQ+ communities in Europe and the UK.

For several years, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans + Association (ILGA) have published insightful in-depth annual country reviews and rankings for European and some Asian countries on the state of LGBTQ+ human rights and equalities.

A huge applause for ILGA’s global expert activists who bring so many country insights together in one place.

Big claps for their dedication to LGBTQ+ freedoms at a time of increasing danger across much of the world for all the LGBTQ+ communities; examples include Uganda, in Africa (obviously not covered in the European report) where the death penalty has been introduced this year for some ‘aggravated’ homosexual conduct.

There are parts of the United States where LGBTQ+ books have been removed from public places because they show positive descriptions of LGBTQ+ communities.

There are also informal or ‘real-life’ (so not directly legal) persecution in some parts of Europe where LGBTQ+ communities are barred from basic life choices such as adopting children or have state scrutiny and surveillance.

So every year, ILGA Europe review huge amounts of stats and present clear info in Europe and some parts of central Asia with individual country reports. These reports are well presented and very detailed.

What is interesting is the poor performance from the UK, notably in the way ILGA reports the country rankings, which were published in May this year and the country review which was published a few weeks earlier.

Trans flag
Transgender pride flag

The UK only achieved a poor average 53% rating below most of the large Western European countries around Trans and conversion therapy issues where the UK’s Tory (Conservative) government has slowed down human rights for these groups. But it should be noted that lesbian, gay and bi rights are still well-protected in most parts of the UK in most settings.

Perhaps the ILGA ranking in the UK is a bit too much of a one-size-fits-all measurement for the different LGBTQ+ communities?

It would be good to know your views.

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