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Touch of London gay massage

Touch of London gay massage

Location: Central London, UK
Cost: Massage prices start at £150 per hour.

Touch of London is a gay massage agency offering high quality male massage in the capital. Incalls and outcalls to your home or hotel are available. Have a look at the profiles of our masseurs and choose from one of the indulgent massage options. Our masseurs are qualified and experienced, not to mention extraordinarily handsome and friendly.

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Touch of London gay massage
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Indoor adult fun during lockdown and beyond!

May 2020

Oliver from writes…

What a weird time we live in at the moment, so much sad news and we can't even go out to enjoy ourselves. Normally I check PinkUk to see what is going on where, and plan myself some fun times!

Now that we are all in lockdown I wanted to share some adult fun stuff to do indoor, I am lucky enough to work for, one of the biggest online gay lifestyle stores in the UK and have access to thousands of amazing gay sex toys and the hottest fashion and fetish gear.

So, to pass the time and give you some ideas of how to put a smile on your face in lockdown here are things to try out and/or explore.

Tip 1: Pleasure yourself!

Fleshjack Make masturbation even more fun! The lockdown has led to a huge increase in guys getting down and dirty during webcam sessions and for me - a re-discovery of many porn sites that I’d not visited since I got hooked to Grindr a few years ago! My favourite Fleshjack for example is getting more use than ever before. A new discovery for me was the Fleshjack shower mount. Simply stick it on a smooth service attach your masturbator and enjoy some hands-free humping. To be in control of how strong you want the suction to be, you can screw the bottom of the Fleshjack tighter or looser, yeah baby!

I have also discovered some other great toys to pleasure myself with. The Jett from Hot Octopuss for example, I am not joking when I say it was one of the best orgasms ever! It is hands free and has various different levels of strong vibrations to deliver you a hands-free orgasm.


Tip 2: Explore something new!

Octopuss Why not use this time at home to explore what your body is into? Personally I have been testing to what extend I enjoy anal sex, I have been trying various toys to see how much I can take and if I can find my P-spot (male prostate hot spot). Well, I am not nearly as capable “to take it” as much as I thought I would be, even with the use of Poppers UK. I did however find my P-spot and that was kinda amazing. I used a prostate massager and the Jett from above at the same time, I was still shaking a minute later…heavenly!

I was also looking for a bit of kink and I had never tried sounding but was wondering what it was all about, mostly because I was wondering why someone would enter an Urethral Sound in their penis hole! This sounds painful and for me the first time it felt a little uncomfortable, but I must admit, in a oddly enjoyable way. After a few times I kind of got addicted to that feeling and now I love it and never thought I would.

So whatever desires or fetish you have lurking in the back of your mind, go and explore!

Tip 3: Look hot and share it with the world.


In 'normal' life I can be a bit shy at times but online I feel a bit more confident. I know I need to work on this but for now it is what it is! I am lucky that at work we have a massive collection of underwear and fetish gear. Slowly my new hobby is sharing myself on Instagram and I even did a dance clip on Tik Tok. It is surprising how addictive and fun this can be. My favourite gear to show off in are bottomless briefs, especially from Pump. A lot of the fun is reacting to people in the comments and subsequently feeling more connected while in lockdown.

I hope these tips have got you wondering how you can make the most of being indoors “adult style” To make the most of your lockdown the way I have done, check out where you can buy all the hottest products and make the most out of your time behind doors.

Enjoy your lockdown!

Oliver, part of Team esmale!

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