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Summer is coming

May 2021

Get ready to go out and play this summer!

summer esmale We are loving Spring at the moment and cannot wait for Summer to burst into action! Very much enjoying the beer gardens, outdoor catch ups and showing off our new haircuts! For many going back to the gym is also a long-awaited source of happiness. For me it is not so much a source of happiness but more necessity considering the number of take-outs I have managed to put into my body recently.

Good times with more freedoms are ahead, June seems to be the marker set for when things should be back to some sort of normality, if all things go well. We have everything crossed for this. It is at this point we can all celebrate together, dance, have dinner and enjoy some flesh-on-flesh action, something we are excited for!

Here are a few pointers from to get ready for adult action this Summer.

New underwear

summer underwear To ensure that very first impression when the trousers drop is spot on, or to style out those sexy selfies, we have some great new gay underwear for you. From Pump, C-in2, Addicted, Barcode and more. We also have some sexy new brands coming in soon. Keep your eye out for the Bill & Brandon and Breedwell brands.


New Sex Toys and Fetish

summer sex toy

We realise that getting out of lockdown is a about actually having flesh-on-flesh action without the use of gay sex toys. However, toys really can offer added fun to any situation, so why not. We have great new toys in store from Fleshjack, Brutus, Oxballs and many more top brands. All designed to add extra pleasure to your playtime.


Sex Essentials and Poppers

summer poppers Hopefully the summer will be busy for you, so make sure you stock up on essentials to handle the action. For the best place to buy room aromas online room aromas we always suggest There you can get all the big brands like Berlin XXX, Power Rush, Fist, Jungle Juice, Liquid Gold Poppers and they now also carry a selection of European imports. Head over to esmale for all your other essentials such as lube, erection pills, delay spray, fisting gear and much more.

This is just the tip of the iceberg; we have many more items that can add to your summer fun, so come in and have a look, especially as we have a sale on.

Bring on the good times, always be safe and stick to the guidance. Talking about guidance, we always get ours right here at PinkUK, if something is happening you will find out about it here.

With love,
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