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Listen to your body in 2024

January 2024 Oliver, esmale

esmale gay shop

Oliver from our friends at online adult store Esmale offers some tips on how to have fun in 2024.

A new year is in full flow, and we cannot wait to see what it has in store for us. Part of our business as an adult company is breaking down barriers to normalise the use of male sex toys and fetish tools. We all have sensations that our bodies seem to enjoy but outside of flesh-on-flesh action not everybody encourages feeding that sensation through adult tools or the use of pentyl aromas.

Benefits of self-pleasure

The obvious advantages are fun and the way it will make you feel. Whether it is stimulating your behind or your manhood, at the end of the session you will most likely have had a good time, but there are more benefits.

Stress relief

A lot of feedback we are getting from our customers is how much better they feel after some playtime. Especially after a stressful day at the office or when stuff is going on in their lives and they need to get out of their head. Having some anal toys for men to play with will reduce stress, take your mind if things and can set you up for a nice, chilled evening. Another time that using sex toys might help is when you need to get rid of some pent-up energy, as an added benefit you'll be pleased to know that these activities burn extra calories as well, bonus! To make the experience more intense many of our customers like the use of Liquid Gold, but not everybody likes the use of room aromas.

Confidence in the bedroom

Another benefit is that whilst you are discovering what your body enjoys, you will take these learnings into your experiences with other people. You will not be the first one to become more confident in bed. You might offer suggestions to your partner and inform him about the things you like or introduce tools during playtime. Two things many people still feel a bit shy about. But why would you not try and tailor your experiences into moments you enjoy completely? With any luck your play partner will do the same and you might enjoy something new. I realise it might sound vague, but having a satisfactory sex life and giving your mind and body what it wants can make you feel better and more in charge. Plus, it relieves stress, a win-win in our opinion.

Each to their own

bum fun

Having worked in this industry for many years I am more than aware people like very different things. From playing with anal stretching toys, to delving into your kink or focusing on manhood pleasures. Whatever you desire visit our store and have a good look around. We have thousands of products, and we would be surprised if you did not find something that tickles your fancy and get your journey to self-pleasure on the rails, choo choo!

The time is now. We have frequent sales for example in January when everything is discounted this month. Not only sexy toys and fetish gear but also fashion and niche products such as bulge enhancing underwear. For those of you who are well and truly on your journey already, January is the perfect month to come in and take it to the next level or stock up on your sex essentials. A good quality lube can make all the difference. We always recommend hybrid lube as it lasts longer and is also compatible with toys and condoms which silicone lube is not and water-based needs reapplying sooner than hybrid lube.

twisted beast underwear uk

We hope that by the end of the year, you have grown into a great routine that puts a big smile on your face, fills you with adult confidence and when needed release some stress. For some, it might feel like an odd journey to go on but believe us when we say that this will make a difference and has the ability to make you enjoy your life more or even more and who does not want that?

To start your journey please have a look at the following stores. for all your adult tool, fetish gear, essentials and underwear. for the best aromas available in the UK.

With love, Oliver.

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