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Like it hardcore? Esmale can be of help

Add a bit of kink to your sex life.
April 2022

esmale gay fetish gear If you like playing hard, our friends at online gay adult store esmale have some great options: vanilla play is not for everybody. I guess we all start out like that but as you progress in your adult pleasure journey you might just find yourself drawn to a certain element of action. Luckily, we are getting to a point where full exploration of your desires is way more accepted than it has been. Rightfully so, everybody should express themselves guided by how they feel or what they like. In recent years we have seen an increase in gay fetish gear, especially amongst men in their 20’s. Looks like we are getting more comfortable in acting on our physical needs at a younger age, which is great! For those of you that are loving a bit of kink, here are some areas in our store that are very popular and might just have something that you would like to explore.

First up, role play.

esmale kink We all have fantasies that we like to “act out” in the form of role play. This could be a real-life scenario you wish would happen to you or a more fiction orientated encounter that really gets your juices flowing. Another element within role play is a more Sub-Dom situation. This means that one (or more) persons are in charge and the other(s) more subservient. For this type of play we have a huge variety of products in store. From restraints, play sheets and BDSM Gear. The Berlin XXX BDSM range is rather popular, in particular the bondage starter kit, Under the bed restraints kit and the Hog Tie. The great thing about this range is that it is comfortable and easy to pack away. To look the part during role play we have some great fetish wear to give play an even sexier dimension.

Extreme Toys

esmale electro sex Well, if extreme toys are your thing, then esmale is certainly the store for you. We have a big collection of dildos for men that will satisfy the biggest of bottoms, but there is more than that. Some of them vibrate or rotate and other thrust themselves. This is just to satisfy those that love anal sex. I have not even started on our cock gear and electro sex toys. These collections are much loved. From sounding, electro sex masturbators and chastity cages to nipple gear, fuck sheaths and fisting toys. The selection is massive and there will for sure be something that will expand your horizon and hopefully blow you brain, if you know what I mean.

Finish off with the right look.

esmale gay harness To complete the hardcore fun, we believe looking the part makes proceedings even more horny. The look we feel gives everything an edge is wearing a gay harness, not only is it appealing but also great to grab a hold of in action, if it is sturdy enough! Other fetish looks that are popular in the store are armbands and easy access underwear. These designs are often bottomless, have a built in cock ring or easy entry to your manhood.

Always be prepared!

Whatever way you are exploring you kink, always make sure you have enough essentials. Things like lube, pills, gloves and maybe some fetish or rush poppers will ensure you are always prepared for some kinky times.

Now that the warmer months is here and men's flesh is on show you can hopefully look forward to some great action and good times. Like most years we have some great deals in our sale at and also in our sister store so get yourself a bargain.

With love,
Team esmale

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