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Tantric Soul gay massage in London

Tantric Soul gay massage in LondonLocation: London, UK

Hello and a very warm welcome to Tantric Soul, Gay massage London, established 2005. We are London's most popular and skilled Body to body and Tantric massage agency.

We specialise in Swedish, deep tissue massage, with an erotic twist, providing Gym fit, handsome, skill masseurs with locations right across Central and West London.
Enjoy a relaxing body to body massage where you can be pampered and cared for, with a handsome, fit gentleman in complete discretion.

Tantric Soul gay massage in London
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LGBTQ+ North America, USA, New York, Rochester

Don’t be complacent about rights affecting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (or Queer) (LGBTQ) people. Rights vary greatly by country or legal jurisdiction – encompassing everything from the legal recognition of same-sex marriage to the death penalty for homosexuality.. According to Wikipedia as of July 2020, the penal codes of nine United Nations-recognised countries, Afghanistan, Brunei, Iran, Iraq, Mauritania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and Yemen, impose the death penalty for homosexuality.

We have a total of 3,334 venues in 76 countries.
Usa The Land of the Free has some of the largest and best gay friendly destinations in the world even though the laws on homosexuality are mixed across the country. In a handful of states anti-gay sex laws remain though are rarely enforced. While there was always a gay underground, it was only in the late sixties that gay rights started to be promoted seriously following the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York and the election of Harvey Milk in San Francisco as America’s first out gay city politician.

Even if a few states still ban homosexuality in theory, almost everywhere across this huge country you will find gay oases and expressions of Pride – yes even in the more conservative states. Often it has been the courts who have taken a lead rather than politicians. It took the US Supreme Court rather than Congress to legalise same sex marriage US-wide. But the great coastal cities that we have all heard of - San Francisco, New York, Miami, Los Angeles - all in their unique way offer the European gay traveller a stunning scene and memorable holiday. Whether it’s a men only hotel in Key West or a trendy guest house in San Fran you’ll have every type of accommodation. We list over one hundred Prides across the US and these are not just the usual coastal cities. Prides and community are flourishing in the heartlands too from Little Rock, Arkansas to Cincinnati, Ohio to Chicago - see our list. This huge country has something for every LGBT traveller. Just enjoy it, but watch your waste line, the food servings are huge, too!

We have 152 future LGBTQ+ Prides/Events/Festivals listing in 2023 in Usa.



We have 51 Regions in Usa.


We have 12 Towns/Cities in New York. Angelica (1 venue) | Astoria (2 venues) | Buffalo (1 venue) |
Rochester (5 venues) |


Next LGBTQ+ prides/events

buffalo pride 2023 Buffalo Pride 2023
30 May 2023 at Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo Pride 2023
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08 June 2023 at Fire Island / Cherry Grove
Fire Island Bear Weekend 2023
brooklyn pride 2023 Brooklyn Pride 2023
10 June 2023 at Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn Pride 2023
rockland pride sunday 2023 Rockland Pride Sunday 2023
11 June 2023 at Nyack New York
Rockland Pride Sunday 2023
jones pond pride weekend 2023 Jones Pond Pride Weekend 2023
16 June 2023 at Camp Site
Jones Pond Pride Weekend 2023
folsom street east 2023 Folsom Street East 2023
18 June 2023 at Christopher Street
Folsom Street East 2023
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25 June 2023 at New York
New York Pride 2023

LGBTQ+ Venues in Rochester

lux bar rochester
mixed venue Lux Bar
666 South Avenue
Rochester, New York
Mixed Bar
Rating: rating
15 May 2021
In case you haven't heard, Lux Bar is a kick ass bar in Rochester's South Wedge Neighbourhood. Come eat some Chex mix, sit by the outdoor fire, look at some cool art, all while enjoying a delicious [...]
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open arms mcc rochester
mixed venue Open Arms MCC
68 Ashland Street
Rochester, New York
Mixed Support
Rating: rating
15 May 2021
WELCOME, and thank you for visiting the Open Arms Metropolitan Community Church online. We hope that our website highlights the welcoming, inclusive spirit, as well as the variety of worship, [...]
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out alliance rochester
gay venue Out Alliance
100 College Avenue
Rochester, New York
LGBTQ+ Support
Rating: rating
15 May 2021
Champions of LGBTQ Life and Culture. We educate. Advocate. Celebrate. InQueery provides learning opportunities on special topics and skills for personal and professional development in safe, [...]
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roar rochester
gay venue ROAR
621 Culver Road
Rochester, New York
LGBTQ+ Bar, Restaurant
Rating: rating
15 May 2021
ROAR was born from the void that was created after the closing of the biggest LGBTQ+ oriented/18+ club in Rochester. Our #1 focus is creating a unique safe space for the LGBTQ+ and everyone in the [...]
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rochester spa & body club rochester
gay venue Rochester Spa & Body Club
109 Liberty Pole Wa
Rochester, New York
LGBTQ+ Sauna
Rating: rating
16 Mar 2022
Rochester Spa and Body Club is THE premier gay bath house in New York! We cater to gay and bi guys in the western New York area, so we have men coming in from Buffalo, Toronto, Syracuse and of [...]
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