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Gay prides and events in the UK 2018

List of prides and gay events in the UK & Ireland for 2018. There are also links to prides in other countries. We have 152 prides for 2018.
Click on the event's name for full details for the applicable event that includes a map of the event's location, or click on the country's name for a list of prides in that country for 2018.
If you scroll down, you have see all the prides listed in date order.

Gay pride dates

International gay pride dates

Pride Pride date Pride Pride date
Ageofthe. Revival 15 Jun 2018
Barking and Dagenham Pride 14 Jul 2018 Before It Starts 24 Apr 2018
Belfast Gay Pride 04 Aug 2018 Big Gay Weekender 07 Sep 2018
Birmingham Gay Pride 26 May 2018 Bisexual Day Bi/Pan/Trans Party BI 22 Sep 2018
Blackpool Pride 09 Jun 2018 Blackpool Pride Awards 22 Jan 2018
Blackpool Pride BI Party 09 Jun 2018 Bolton Pride 21 Sep 2018
Bourne Free Pride Festival 13 Jul 2018 Bradford Pride 02 Jun 2018
Brighton Dog Pride 29 Jul 2018 Brighton Pride 03 Aug 2018
Brighton Pride Street Party 04 Aug 2018 Brighton Trans Pride 21 Jul 2018
Bristol Pride 14 Jul 2018
Camille O'Sullivan 27 Jan 2018 Canterbury Pride 09 Jun 2018
Channel Islands Pride 08 Sep 2018 Chester Pride 11 Aug 2018
Chesterfield Pride 22 Jul 2018 Colchester Has Pride 18 Aug 2018
Cornwall Gay Pride 25 Aug 2018 Coventry Pride 09 Jun 2018
Cumbria Pride 29 Sep 2018 Cymru Pride 24 Aug 2018
Derbyshire Pride 08 Sep 2018 Digital Pride 21 Apr 2018
Doncaster Pride 18 Aug 2018 Dorchester Pride 26 Aug 2018
Dublin Pride 23 Jun 2018 Durham Pride UK 27 May 2018
Eastbourne Pride 21 Jul 2018 Eastleigh Pride Festival 08 Sep 2018
Emerald Winter Pride Art Awards 23 Jan 2018 Essex Pride 16 Jun 2018
Exeter Pride 12 May 2018 Exmouth Pride 30 Jun 2018
Favershams Pride Party 23 Jun 2018 Feline Purrrfect 09 Mar 2018
Flintshire Pride 09 Jun 2018 Folkestone Pride Updated event 08 Sep 2018
Gay Celebrant for weddings etc 16 Jan 2018 Grampian Pride 26 May 2018
Ha-Ha Haus! 06 Jun 2018 Hampshire Pride 24 Feb 2018
Happy Valley Pride 06 Aug 2018 Hastings Pride 26 Aug 2018
Haven's Picnic in the Park 27 May 2018 Herts Pride 08 Sep 2018
HousePLAY - Launch Party 10 Feb 2018
Isle Of Wight Pride 20 Jul 2018
King's Lynn & West Norfolk Pride 18 Aug 2018 Kitty With The Good Hair 22 Feb 2018
Lancaster Pride 19 May 2018 Le Haggis 19 Jan 2018
Leeds Gay Pride 05 Aug 2018 Leicester Pride Updated event 01 Sep 2018
Lincoln Pride 29 Sep 2018 Liverpool Pride 28 Jul 2018
London Pride 09 Jun 2018 Longboat Pride 12 Aug 2018
Love Muscle / Ageofthe Virgin 04 Aug 2018
Manchester Pride 24 Aug 2018 Margate Pride 11 Aug 2018
Newcastle Pride 20 Jul 2018 Noise 28 Jun 2018
Norwich Pride 28 Jul 2018 Nottingham Pride 28 Jul 2018
Oldham Pride 28 Jul 2018 Oxford Pride 02 Jun 2018
Perthshire Pride 11 Aug 2018 Pinknic 14 Jul 2018
Plymouth Pride 11 Aug 2018 Portsmouth Pride 15 Sep 2018
Preston Pride 29 Sep 2018 Pride - Picnic In The Park 16 Sep 2018
Pride @ FunkyFish Bar & Club 03 Aug 2018 Pride Edinburgh 16 Jun 2018
Pride Glasgow 14 Jul 2018 Pride in Ely 11 Aug 2018
Queer Haggis 18 Jan 2018
Reading Pride 01 Sep 2018 Rotherham Pride 14 Jul 2018
Salford Pride - The Pink Picnic 14 Jul 2018 Scuba Pride 21 Jul 2018
Sheffield Pride 28 Jul 2018 Southampton Pride 25 Aug 2018
Sparkle in the Park 06 Jul 2018 Stockport Pride 29 Jul 2018
Stoke on Trent Pride 16 Jun 2018 Student Gay Pride 09 Feb 2018
Telford Pride 28 Jul 2018 The Library Pride Edinburgh 16 Jun 2018
The Official Pride Party Glow Me 03 Aug 2018 Totnes Pride 01 Sep 2018
Trans Pride South West 24 Nov 2018 Transcendence - Club SX: Transcende 20 Jul 2018
Tumulus 24 Jan 2018 Two in the Pink 28 Mar 2018
Wakefield Pride 12 Aug 2018 Walsall Gay Pride 25 Aug 2018
Want a house cleaner London 07 Feb 2018 Warwickshire Pride 18 Aug 2018
West Lothian Pride 28 Jul 2018 Weston Super Mare Pride 28 Jul 2018
Wigan Pride 11 Aug 2018 Worksop Pride 07 Jul 2018
Worthing Pride 14 Jul 2018
York Pride 09 Jun 2018 You've got some nerve 21 Jul 2018

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January 2018

Gay Celebrant for weddings etc 2018

East Midlands LGBT+ Weddings, Vow Renewals & Naming Ceremonies. Qualified UK Gay Celebrant. Any ceremony, any faith, part-faith or even no faith ceremonies. Based in the East Midlands. Your ceremony can take place indoors/outdoors anywhere you wish. Your ceremony is Your special day so it's Your Way. [...]

More info on Gay Celebrant for weddings etc 2018

Queer Haggis 2018

Speigel Tent Queer Haggis 2018 Last year we hosted the biggest LGBT party in Dumfries & Galloway’s history. This year we’re bigger, better and brighter. Queer and wonderful, we’re inviting you to the wildest night in the festival programme. Let your hair down, pull on some neon socks and dance the night away [...]

More info on Queer Haggis 2018

Le Haggis

Spiegeltent Le Haggis is back and bigger than ever to celebrate its 5th birthday, Speigeltent style. The 5 star, award winning cabaret is serving you a high energy night filled with home-grown and international talent. Audiences have helped sell it out 3 years in a row – so why not bring someone along and [...]

More info on Le Haggis

Blackpool Pride Awards 2018

Viva Blackpool, Church Street Awards Ceremony To Celebrate Excellence In The LGBT Community, Hostes By Callum Gillies & Jo Ashcroft, Starring DIRECT from the XFactor 2017 Jenny Ball & Johnny Wright also performances from the Phenomenal Miss Amber from Funny Girls Blackpool!!!

More info on Blackpool Pride Awards 2018

Emerald Winter Pride Art Awards 2018

The House of St Barnabas, Soho February – June (7 - 9.30pm) Drawing from Life Drawing Room – The House of St Barnabas Life drawing classes tutored by AndroTechne artists Brian Dennis and Richard Dickson, with art materials sponsored by Cass Art Soho. Dates: 15 February, 15 March, 19 April, 10 May, 7 June Classes £10 per [...]

More info on Emerald Winter Pride Art Awards 2018

Tumulus 2018

The Vaults When Anthony’s one-night stand turns up dead on the Hampstead Heath tumulus, everyone assumes he’s another casualty of London’s chemsex culture. But after a second body is discovered Anthony suspects foul play and is thrust into a terrifying, drug-fuelled journey to uncover the truth. Like a darker [...]

More info on Tumulus 2018

Camille O'Sullivan 2018

Spiegeltent Queen of the Edinburgh Festival’ (BBC), Camille O’Sullivan enjoys a formidable international reputation for her intensely dramatic interpretations of the songs of Brel, Cave, Waits, Bowie and more. The multi-award-winning singer has stunned audiences around the world with her 5-star sell-out [...]

More info on Camille O'Sullivan 2018

February 2018

Want a house cleaner London 2018

London Want a house cleaner London are a growing cleaning company base in London . We cover all areas in London .Want a house cleaner London deal in residential and commercial cleaning . There are on our 3rd promotional tour account for those who really need our services should take advantage of this [...]

More info on Want a house cleaner London 2018

Student Gay Pride 2018

University Of Westminster Student Pride 2018 7-11pm Registration & drinks Everything National Student Pride does is about opening doors to students, graduates and those with voices who are otherwise lost in a vibrant but expansive LGBT+ community. We've got some really big news. After her time in the Celebrity Big [...]

More info on Student Gay Pride 2018

HousePLAY - Launch Party 2018

Hifi Club, Leeds HousePLAY is a new LGBT+ dance music night for those who seek liberation of any kind from those who would deny it. Inspired by Love Muscle - the pumping gay dance party in Leeds, along with many of the altruistic community run DIY parties that have sprung up these last few years; HousePLAY intends [...]

More info on HousePLAY - Launch Party 2018

Kitty With The Good Hair 2018

The Fenton Pub What's worse being jealous you didn't come or feline crazy that you did. We are hosting a Beyonce themed fundraiser for our Feline Purrrfect event on the 9th March at Live Art Bistro. We will be bringing you everything from Show Stopping Ballads TO Diva Pop Princess Anthems. Performances [...]

More info on Kitty With The Good Hair 2018

Hampshire Pride 2018

School of Art Hampshire Pride is space for all of Hampshire to join together and celebrate the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and more community. We welcome young and old, people who see themselves as part of the community and people who are proud of their friends and family. It is also for any individual [...]

More info on Hampshire Pride 2018

March 2018

Feline Purrrfect 2018

Live Art Bistro Sharpen your claws, slick up your fur and step ur pussy up!!!! 10 cats 4 habitats DJs Performance art Installations Fashion catwalk show Kitty games Doors open at 8pm Ticket £5 adv / £6 OTD Live art bistro

More info on Feline Purrrfect 2018

Two in the Pink 2018

Leeds So what! We're back again with another amazing tribute night.. Who knew?! Come on down to the Fun house and raise your glass to all the Dirty little freaks we have performing for you. GOD IS A DJ and we're gunna Get this party started! Just like the pill we're gunna blow your mind! A night of [...]

More info on Two in the Pink 2018

April 2018

Digital Pride 2018

Londn Digital Pride is the world’s first online LGBTI event consisting of a week of events, videos and debates. Launched by Gay Star News, the aim of Digital Pride is to make it easier for the LGBTI community to celebrate Pride globally – even if they live in countries where it may be difficult to do so [...]

More info on Digital Pride 2018

Before It Starts 2018

Bread & Roses Theatre Growing up is hard and when a new girl starts school and reveals her controversial sexuality her friends have a lot to laugh about. But when the jokes turn sour and the playful banter becomes bullying the group realise they have a lot to be sorry for. Based on true events and real life stories; [...]

More info on Before It Starts 2018

May 2018

Exeter Pride 2018

St Sidwell's Centre, Exeter Phoenix and Rougemont Gardens Celebration theme to Exeter's 10th LGBT Pride AN explosion of colour, positivity and pride will take place in Exeter on Saturday, May 12 - and everyone is invited to come out and and celebrate. Exeter Pride is one of the South West's biggest celebrations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and [...]

More info on Exeter Pride 2018

Lancaster Pride 2018

Dalton Square in front of the Lancaster Town Hall Lancaster Pride 2018 Saturday, May 19, 2018 Lancaster Pride brings this year a Summer Pride more spectacular than the last. Last year Lancaster Pride brought a crowd of 1500+ and this year we plan to go bigger and better. We look forward to seeing you, thank you. The main events will be a march [...]

More info on Lancaster Pride 2018

Birmingham Gay Pride 2018

Gay village area of the city, Southside Birmingham Gay Pride 2018 will take place on Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th May 2018 in the Birmingham Gay Village. More to follow

More info on Birmingham Gay Pride 2018

Grampian Pride 2018

Queens Links Grampian Pride in Aberdeen aims to bring the local and wider community together. Welcoming everyone from the North East of Scotland, the rest of the UK, and international communities. Grampian Pride aims to provide a safe space for all LGBT+ individuals and their straight allies. The Pride event [...]

More info on Grampian Pride 2018

Haven's Picnic in the Park 2018

Hall Place - Car Park - Garden Entrance Haven's Yearly Get Together - A LGBT Social Group Event. 10+ and still around.(Bexleyheath Based and covering Kent / London) 'Haven's Picnic in the Park 2018' Bring Food / Drink - To Share For car drivers - sat. nav. - DA5 1PQ For further information contact: Robert - 01322 287356 or Email - [...]

More info on Haven's Picnic in the Park 2018

Durham Pride UK 2018

Durham Sands field by the river We are thrilled to announce that our fifth and what reckons to be our most fabulous Durham Pride will take place on 27th May Bank Holiday Sunday this year. Durham Pride is our chance to celebrate LGBT+ and promote diversity in County Durham. Thanks to the support of our wonderful partners, Durham [...]

More info on Durham Pride UK 2018

June 2018

Bradford Pride 2018

Centenary Square Bradford Pride is a Free Annual Event for the LGBT community. They are moving back to the city centre More to follow

More info on Bradford Pride 2018

Oxford Pride 2018

Oxford Castle Quarter & Paradise Street “Rainbow Days” Oxford Pride Parade - Saturday 2rd June 2018 Oxford's annual LGBT Pride event, with two stages acts throughout the day. Parade kicks off from midday. With less than 40 days to go until this year’s Oxford Pride event, this year’s Committee are pleased to announce the details of this [...]

More info on Oxford Pride 2018

Ha-Ha Haus! 2018

The Fenton Join your hilariously deranged hosts CAL and The Witch Blair for a night of comedy. With six outrageous acts to tickle your funny bones and make you wee yourself with laughter, this is a night you won't want to miss. Doors open at The Fenton at 7.30pm. Tickets £4 OTD

More info on Ha-Ha Haus! 2018

Blackpool Pride 2018

Blackpool LGBT Community Blackpool Pride 2018 Festival Parade and Opening ceremony: Saturday 9th June 2018 All taking place on Queen Street Parade: Along Blackpool’s famous promenade from 10.30am. Main stage: On Princess Parade this year, at the bottom of Queen Street by the Metropole Hotel and the Queen Street Party [...]

More info on Blackpool Pride 2018

Blackpool Pride BI Party 2018

Club SX THE FIRST EVER PARTY EVENT at club Sx is a BI party event Blackpool All Inclusive Bi Pride Party 9th June @ Club Sx Quick THANK YOU!! to all those that have supported us in the past at our parties, last party was 156 people!! It’s you who have made the past events so successful so a BIG thank you [...]

More info on Blackpool Pride BI Party 2018

Coventry Pride 2018

University Square, Priory Street Coventry Pride 2018 will be held on 9-10 June 2018 in University Square, outside Coventry Cathedral, Priory Street Coventry, CV1 and is a free event. Coventry Pride 2018 have an absolutely delightful selection of musical and other performance artists throughout the weekend. More to follow

More info on Coventry Pride 2018

Flintshire Pride 2018

Theatr Clwyd, Mold Due to unforeseen circumstances Flintshire Pride 2018 has been cancelled.

More info on Flintshire Pride 2018

London Pride 2018

Trafalgar Square London Pride Festival takes place from Saturday 9th June 2018, and they want it to be bigger and better than ever, with the Parade and main events on Saturday 7 July. This year's theme is #PrideMatters The Parade The Pride in London Parade takes place on Saturday 7 July from 12pm The Pride in [...]

More info on London Pride 2018

Canterbury Pride 2018

Dane John Gardent Featuring Pride Canterbury 2018. A unique celebration of LGBT identity and one of the fastest growing prides to have hit the UK. Join them outside The Marlowe theatre for the hustle and bustle of the parade getting ready to depart. A parade will start at the Marlowe Theatre, heading up the High [...]

More info on Canterbury Pride 2018

York Pride 2018

Knavesmire (Tadcaster Road End) The eleventh annual York Pride event will take place on: Saturday 9th June 2018. The largest Pride in North Yorkshire! Fun Fair, Parade, Stalls and great entertainment. The York Pride Parade leaves from outside York Minster (Duncombe Place) at approx 11:45am and arrives at the Knavesmire (Tadcaster [...]

More info on York Pride 2018

Ageofthe. Revival 2018

Live Art Bistro Time to put the nail in the coffin for uni and all your winter troubles! Let's kick shit off for summer with a true celebration of putting the mundane behind us and throwing ourselves into a weird-ass summer! Put on your lil black dress and most ridiculous black hat and veil. We'll be going 'til [...]

More info on Ageofthe. Revival 2018

Pride Edinburgh 2018

Potterrow Dome Pride Edinburgh is Scotland’s National LGBTI Festival. It was relaunched in 2015. This year celebrates 23 years since Pride began in Scotland with the first ever festival taking place in Edinburgh back in 1995. Pride Edinburgh has a March and a Community Based Festival to celebrate diversity and [...]

More info on Pride Edinburgh 2018

Essex Pride 2018

Central Park Essex pride takes place in Central Park with a brilliant live act line up, funfair, circus skill workshop, great food, licensed bars, sideshows, and The Essex Pride Dog Show. Entry to Essex pride is through the Entrance marquee featuring lots of support services and the site is fully licensed. [...]

More info on Essex Pride 2018

Stoke on Trent Pride 2018

Northwood Park, Hanley Stoke on Trent Pride is run by passionate members of the community for the community, however we cannot do this without the help of the general public and local businesses. We rely totally on private donations, sponsorship and the generosity of the community in our bucket collections. We spend a [...]

More info on Stoke on Trent Pride 2018

The Library Pride Edinburgh 2018

The Mash House For one night only (Pride Edinburgh) Miss Mixtape takes you on a musical journey, channelling the underground world of 1990s queer NYC... £5 door tax. All proceedings donated to Waverley Care, Scotland's HIV and Hepatitis C charity. The Library is now open...

More info on The Library Pride Edinburgh 2018

Dublin Pride 2018

Merrion Square Dublin Pride, 5 days in Dublin City packed with celebrations, spectacles and extravaganzas promoting and celebrating LGBTQ diversity. The highlight of our festival will be our annual Pride Parade and our post parade celebrations in Merrion Square on Saturday June 23th. Dublin Pride Parade The [...]

More info on Dublin Pride 2018

Favershams Pride Party 2018

West Faversham Community Centre Faversham’s first ever pride event! They are proud to host the very first LGBT event to be held in Faversham. It’s a one night party for everyone to come and enjoy, with a fully stocked bar, great DJ and a rodeo bull, what more could you want!! Pride Garden Party - Open to all Pride is about [...]

More info on Favershams Pride Party 2018

Noise 2018

The Fenton A night of live music from solo artists from all genres. If you love high energy, catchy tunes and sit down with a pint, you're not going to want to miss this one! 8:00PM The Fenton £4 OTD

More info on Noise 2018

Exmouth Pride 2018

Manor Gardens Exmouth Pride 2018 the fourth Family LGBT Festival with live bands, educational organisations, local performers, children's area, licensed bar and hot food and much more. Visit us on Facebook or our website for all the latest Live music and a welcoming, friendly and [...]

More info on Exmouth Pride 2018

July 2018

Sparkle in the Park 2018

Sackville Gardens, Gay Village The Sparkle Weekend is a celebration of gender diversity and expression. Hosted in Manchester over the second weekend every July. The Sparkle Weekend is the biggest free to attend Transgender event in the world. This year we will have live Trans-led music, the Sparkle Music Awards for new Trans [...]

More info on Sparkle in the Park 2018

Worksop Pride 2018

Old Market Square, Worksop Worksop Pride a family friendly event, celebrating equality and diversity. They are super proud and excited to announce that The Sundaes have agreed to perform at our ever growing Worksop Pride event this year. The Ladies have sensational vocals and harmonies, along with a performance worthy of [...]

More info on Worksop Pride 2018

Bourne Free Pride Festival 2018

The Triangle - The Bandstand Bourne Free is Bournemouth's LGBT Pride Festival. It is an annual celebration of all diversities that live in Bournemouth and the constant strive towards universal equality for all through entertainment and awareness. The Parade Saturday 14th July This year's theme is 'Hawaiian Beach Party' It’s [...]

More info on Bourne Free Pride Festival 2018

Barking and Dagenham Pride 2018

Parsloes Park The first ever Barking and Dagenham Pride, taking place in Parsloes Park as part of the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham's Summer of Festivals. More to follow

More info on Barking and Dagenham Pride 2018

Bristol Pride 2018

Castle Park Bristol Pride 2017 Dates: 6-15 July 2018 Pride Day: Sat 14 July 2018 Free Event Parade: This year they gather in Castle Park before heading off to our new home in the Bristol Amphiteatre and Millennium Sq. The planned route may be subject to minor last minute changes due to the Metro Bus Works in [...]

More info on Bristol Pride 2018

Rotherham Pride 2018

Clifton Park Bandstand Rotherham Pride is now an annual event which remains FREE to enter for all of the Rotherham community. A family fun filled day of live entertainment and fun activities whilst also promoting the LGBT community and raising awareness of their issues. It is aimed as a family fun day for the Lesbian, [...]

More info on Rotherham Pride 2018

Pinknic 2018

Peace Gardens Pinknic 2018 is a free LGBT event in the middle of Sheffield, open to all, lots of stalls, community groups, music from local people and groups. Grass areas for relaxing and picnicking. A chilled out afternoon.

More info on Pinknic 2018

Pride Glasgow 2018

Kelvingrove Park Pride Glasgow returns for 2018, this time at Kelvingrove Park for the first time. Headline act is Mel C from Spice Girls. Check website for more information & tickets. Parade Date, Time, Route & Theme The Parade starts at Clyde Place and will make its way through the City Centre up to Kelvingrove [...]

More info on Pride Glasgow 2018

Salford Pride - The Pink Picnic 2018

Peel Park, Salford Salford Pride - The Pink Picnic 2018. Salford's annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans plus (LGBT+) Pride event, The Pink Picnic returns for it's 8th year. The FREE family friendly event is open to all and features the main stage, community and market stalls, food/drinks vendors and activities for [...]

More info on Salford Pride - The Pink Picnic 2018

Worthing Pride 2018

Beach House Ground Worthing Pride Parade Along the Prom What Pride would be complete without a Parade! Registration is now open for those of you that would like to be part of this very exciting, fun and traditional part of Pride. Registration is free, but to take part you must register Pride Doggy Show Saturday July 14th [...]

More info on Worthing Pride 2018

Isle Of Wight Pride 2018

Ryde Beach, Ryde, Isle Of Wight Isle Of wight Pride returns after a hugely successful first Pride in 2017! Come and join the UK's only Pride on a Beach! Soak up the sun and the atmosphere of the Island for a weekend of fun This years official UKPride including top acts Gok Wan, Livin Joy, Danny Beard, Lady Gaga Tribute, and [...]

More info on Isle Of Wight Pride 2018

Newcastle Pride 2018

Town Moor Newcastle Pride 2018 The parade will start at 12pm on Saturday the 21st. This years parade theme is 40 Years of Rainbow, as we celebrate 40 years since Gilbert Baker designed the rainbow flag and it was first used at San Fransisco Pride in 1978. Come in fancy dress, wear bright colours and make [...]

More info on Newcastle Pride 2018

Transcendence - Club SX: Transcende 2018

Club SX We are proud to announce a brand new T-Girl event at the newly refurbished and spacious Club SX located in the heart of Blackpool. Transcendence is a transgender event for an exciting mix of people including gorgeous Tgirls (TS, TV and CD), male admirers, female admirers, couples and of course [...]

More info on Transcendence - Club SX: Transcende 2018

You've got some nerve 2018

@home Salisbury Salisbury pride is back! All singing all dancing, a pride fit for any drag queen or king! More to follow

More info on You've got some nerve 2018

Scuba Pride 2018

Vivian Quarry Who's joining them for Scuba Pride this summer?! 21st July 2018! The Duttons divers & Vivian team are proud to be holding the first Scuba Pride at Vivian Dive Centre this summer! It's sure to be a fantastic event promoting Scuba for everyone! What's happening so far! At the event: - Scuba [...]

More info on Scuba Pride 2018

Eastbourne Pride 2018

Princes Park Eastbourne's 2nd Gay Pride is taking place on the 21st of July 2018 at Princess Park. The parade starts at 11:30 am from Eastbourne Waterworks to Princes Park. The main stage opens at 12:30 pm. You must register for wristbands this year. The event is free to enter. Please go to their website for [...]

More info on Eastbourne Pride 2018

Brighton Trans Pride 2018

Brighton Brighton Trans Pride 2018 Park Event (MAIN EVENT) Saturday 21 July 2018. Brighton, UK. PARADE: Meet outside the Marlborough Pub & Theatre / Princes Street March leaves at 12 midday towards Brunswick Square after a few speeches. The March itself is 1.3 miles long (2168 meters), however, you can [...]

More info on Brighton Trans Pride 2018

Chesterfield Pride 2018

Stand Road Park Pride event for Chesterfield and the North Midlands. Last year over 4500 attended the one day event. Main stage, market stalls, food outlets, fairground rides. Main Stage acts Big Brovaz Booty Luv Lolly Lindsay Dracass Sami Brookes Kelly Wilde The Hara Sam Solace and many more..... ***This year [...]

More info on Chesterfield Pride 2018

Liverpool Pride 2018

Provisionally St George's Quarter Liverpool Pride 2018 Parade March begins at 12pm Paint the City rainbow The city gathers at St George's Plateau before marching in joyful, peaceful protest in honour of equality and diversity all around Liverpool's City Centre. From Queen's Square to Stanley Street, and ending on Tithebarn Street [...]

More info on Liverpool Pride 2018

Nottingham Pride 2018

Nottingham City Centre This year Nottingham Pride 2018 will take place on 28th July in Nottingham City Centre. As in previous years the Pride march will leave from outside Marks and Spencer on the corner of Lister Gate and Castle Gate. People choosing to join the equality march are asked to gather from 11am. The march [...]

More info on Nottingham Pride 2018

Telford Pride 2018

Hartshill Park Telford Pride 2018 is the 1st annual independent pride. The Telford LGBT+ Group are organising Telford's first community led LGBT+ Pride event, on 28th July 2018 at Hartshill Park in Oakengates. More to follow

More info on Telford Pride 2018

Norwich Pride 2018

The Forum Norwich Pride is a celebration of the LGBT community for everyone. Our mission is to ensure that Norwich is a city where everyone can feel safe and proud to be themselves. Norwich Pride is a grass-roots, do-it-yourself celebration organised by a collective of friendly, creative and enthusiastic [...]

More info on Norwich Pride 2018

Weston Super Mare Pride 2018

Grove Park Weston Super Mare Pride 2018 promised to come back bigger and better, and that's exactly what we've done! Our 5th annual WSM Pride will be celebrated over a jam packed, 2 day event, running from Saturday 28th to Sunday 29th July 2018. DAY 1 | SATURDAY 28TH JULY Pride day with The Fizz and loads [...]

More info on Weston Super Mare Pride 2018

Oldham Pride 2018

Parliament Square & George Square 15th OLDHAM pride

More info on Oldham Pride 2018

Sheffield Pride 2018

Endcliffe Park Sheffield Gay Pride 2018 28 July 2018 Pride Sheffield is an FREE festival bringing together the LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, TRANS* and NON-BINARY community and their friends, families and allies Pride March As in previous years, Pride will feature a full parade with both floats and walking entries. [...]

More info on Sheffield Pride 2018

West Lothian Pride 2018

West Lothian College, Livingston West Lothian’s 4th Pride event. With acts, stalls, food and so much more. The event is FREE, but for Health and Safety reasons we do ask that all attendees register their attendance, this allows us track approximate number of attendees. Registering your attendance will ensure we can keep you [...]

More info on West Lothian Pride 2018

Stockport Pride 2018

Stockport Market Place Stockport Pride 2018 is an annual celebration of Stockport's LGBT* community, with loads of fun and excitement. Charities Community Groups Crafts Drag Acts Musicians Food and Drink Celebrating Stockport's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* Community

More info on Stockport Pride 2018

Brighton Dog Pride 2018

Preston Park Woof woof! The Pride Dog Show 2018 It’s time to pamper those pooches and paw your way to one of Brighton Pride’s most wonderfully accessible events. Join us as we celebrate our four-legged best friends with a day of fun and barking frolics, as dogs and dog lovers come together and shine with Pride. [...]

More info on Brighton Dog Pride 2018

August 2018

Brighton Pride 2018

Hove Lawns / Preston Park Brighton Pride’s 2018 For 2018's ‘Colour My World' we are returning to the flag's original eight colours of pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet representing, respectively: sexuality, life, healing, sun, nature, art, harmony, and spirit. The eight colour Rainbow Flag [...]

More info on Brighton Pride 2018

Pride @ FunkyFish Bar & Club 2018

FunkyFish Club Friday 3rd August 2018 I Love the 90s Bar open all day – DJs from 9pm Free Entry Saturday 4th August 2018 Pride Party 2 Bars | 3 DJs | 2 Dance Floor | Food 4pm – 4am Free entry Sunday 5th August 2018 One More Time 3DJs | Street & After Party | Food 3pm – 3am Free entry More info at [...]

More info on Pride @ FunkyFish Bar & Club 2018

The Official Pride Party Glow Me

75 St Georges Road Its PARTY TIME as you fire up for Brighton Pride! Colour My World is Pride Theme so what better to launch Pride than with a FLUO & PAINT PARTY! Dress colourful, white works too! Remember dress code on party night is never compulsory. More details and T&C on our website. BE PROUD, BE HAPPY, BE SAFE, [...]

More info on The Official Pride Party Glow Me

Belfast Gay Pride 2018

The Square 27th Belfast Pride! The Pride rainbow will be spreading across Belfast Friday July 27th to Sunday August 5th The festival Belfast Pride Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Belfast and runs over 100 events across 10 days. The festival will be launched this year in Belfast City Hall with [...]

More info on Belfast Gay Pride 2018

Brighton Pride Street Party 2018

St. James St The Pride Village Party (PVP) 2018 is once again being run and managed by Brighton Pride Community Interest Company (CIC) with the full support of Brighton & Hove City Council. This is a spectacular two day fundraising event, the Pride Village Party sees St James Street and the city’s iconic [...]

More info on Brighton Pride Street Party 2018

Love Muscle / Ageofthe Virgin 2018

Live Art Bistro Love Muscle / AGEOFTHE VIRGIN A collaborative event for first time performers. This is a FREE event open to all and designed to give people who've never done a drag/live art performance piece before a platform to express themselves infront of a non-judgemental and encouraging audience. DOORS [...]

More info on Love Muscle / Ageofthe Virgin 2018

Leeds Gay Pride 2018

Lower Briggate Leeds Gay Pride 2018 Yorkshire's Biggest celebration of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* life. Sunday 5th August 2018 While everyone coming along is there to unite and enjoy a fantastic day, we would really appreciate your co-operation regarding various safety matters. Access to Lower Briggate [...]

More info on Leeds Gay Pride 2018

Happy Valley Pride 2018

Hebden Bridge - Various Locations Hebden Bridge will be celebrating LGBT+ life in Calderdale from 6th to 12th August 2018 with a festival of diversity, inclusivity and awareness for everyone. The Happy Valley Pride Festival is loaded with music, art, fun and games over a wide range of venues. More to follow

More info on Happy Valley Pride 2018

Chester Pride 2018

Castle Square, Chester Chester Pride, the biggest free celebration in Cheshire West and Chester, has announced the details of its annual festival and has revealed a surprise move of date. The 6th annual event will take place on Saturday 11 August 2018 and will include the popular Chester Pride parade through the city [...]

More info on Chester Pride 2018

Wigan Pride 2018

Market Place, Wigan Town Centre This is Wigan Pride 2018 will be the 3rd Wigan Pride, growing by the year.There will be a parade, entertainment and a variety of stalls all in the town centre - a great day out for all ages. Parade Join us in the pride celebrations as we turn one of the town’s most highly anticipated events which [...]

More info on Wigan Pride 2018

Pride in Ely

Jubilee Gardens Ely Cambridge Cambridgeshire has never seen a Pride festival and Ely will be the first to do this is! There will be the festival in the Jubilee Gardens Ely and an after party at RBK next to the park from 7.30pm onwards! After Party RBK (Riverside, Bar and Kitchen) in Ely from 7pm until 2am!!

More info on Pride in Ely

Plymouth Pride 2018

Plymouth Hoe Plymouth Pride Festival 2018 will take place on Plymouth Hoe on Saturday 11th August. The Colourful, Loud and Proud Pride Parade through the city centre to Plymouth Hoe will depart at midday (Route TBC). On the Hoe there will be a diverse mix of musicians, singers, and bands on the main stage [...]

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Perthshire Pride 2018

Horsecross Concert Hall, Perth City This years Perthshire Pride event on the 11th August will be a chance to catch some local bands and singers at the Buskers Corner, Stalls from LGBT+ friendly organisations, Live Theatre, Entertainment, a youth area and an after party for the 18+ More to follow

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Margate Pride 2018

Walpole Bay Hotel Margate Pride CIC is a not for profit community interest company led by LGBTQIA artists to celebrate the diversity of love in Margate. We are currently developing relationships with schools, residential homes, community groups, local businesses and individuals throughout the town to make it an [...]

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Wakefield Pride 2018

Lower Warrengate and Sun Lane Wakefield LGBT Pride celebrates the LGBT+ community. Wakefield LGBT Pride 2018 will take place on Sun 12th Aug on Sun Lane & Lower Warrengate. #WakefieldPride Wakefield LGBT Pride 2018 will be on SUNDAY 12th AUGUST 2018! Join us for Wakefield's largest FREE street party as hundreds of people of [...]

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Longboat Pride 2018

New Union, Wakefield Longboat LGBT Pride will be the first of its kind, hosted by The New Union in Wakefield. We have lots of exciting acts and events planned for on the day! Follow our Facebook for further details on what to expect! Longboat is having its own Pride that will be hosted by The New Union! Acts will be [...]

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Colchester Has Pride 2018

Firstsite Colchester Has Pride 2018 is organised by a group of local people to celebrate the Gender, Relationship and Sexually Diverse communities of Colchester and Beyond. Purchased wristbands give access to the outside area and to any talks or workshops. We are very much aware of the current financial [...]

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Warwickshire Pride 2018

The Pump Room Gardens, Leamington Spa Warwickshire Pride returns in 2018! On Saturday 18th August, the Pump Room Gardens in Royal Leamington Spa will host Warwickshire Pride for the sixth year. Featuring: - Live performances and entertainment - Celebrity guests - A Rainbow Marketplace of stalls - Lots of food and drink - Trans chill [...]

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King's Lynn & West Norfolk Pride 2018

Tuesday Market Place & The Walks King's Lynn & West Norfolk's first ever PRIDE event, but certainly not our last. Let's make it the start of something beautiful! Parade departs at 1pm from the Tuesday Market Place Live entertainment, guest talks, stalls and more in The Walks by the bandstand from 1:30pm

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Doncaster Pride 2018

Sir Nigel Gresley Square Doncaster gears up to celebrate the 12th Doncaster Pride, main event is on Saturday the 18th August This is a free event PARADE Start & Finish The start and finish will be in front of the Doncaster Council Building on Waterdale DN1 3BU. The Procession will depart at 1pm (please start to gather [...]

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Manchester Pride 2018

Manchester The Manchester Pride Festival 2018 takes place on 24th - 27th August 2018 in the heart of Manchester's city centre at the world famous Gay Village over the August Bank Holiday Weekendand. Manchester Pride is an award winning four day event celebrating LGBT+ life. The Festival is Manchester Pride's [...]

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Cymru Pride 2018

Cardiff Civic Centre Pride Cymru’s Parade returns to Cardiff in 2018, an immersive and visually spectacular annual celebration of equality and diversity achievements and community support. 2018's Pride Cymru Parade returning on the late August Bank Holiday weekend – Saturday 25th August 2018 More to follow

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Southampton Pride 2018

Guildhall Square and West Marlands Road Southampton Pride third event returns on Saturday 25th August 2018. Southampton Pride Parade This year the parade will take place outside The Guildhall Square at 2pm, where it will continue up West Marlands Road, down Above Bar Street to the Bargate Monument, around the monument, back up Above Bar [...]

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Walsall Gay Pride 2018

Gallery Square Gardens Walsall Pride, now in our 5th year theyare aiming to make the event bigger and better, this can only be achieved with support from volunteers, funding from local and national businesses and organisations and also donations. Walsall Pride is back this August bank holiday and is bigger than ever as [...]

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Cornwall Gay Pride 2018

The Killacourt Cornwall Pride Parade starting at midday, followed by a family Picnic in the Park from event with stalls, food and free entertainment. Ticketed event in the evening at Tall Trees on Tolcarne Road (over-18 only) with local acts supporting a national headliner, Union J. Parade The parade is a [...]

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Hastings Pride 2018

The Oval, Bohemia Road Hastings Pride returns for 2018 with a free-to-attend Festival and Parade through the town. You can check our website for information, downloads, and donation links to contribute to this not-for-profit event that focuses on celebration and support for the local LGBT+ community. This year we're [...]

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Dorchester Pride 2018

Maumbury Rings Dorchester Pride has been celebrating diversity, music, freedom & pride since 2009. Dorchester Pride 2018 12 noon, @ Maumbury Rings, Weymouth Everyone is welcome.

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September 2018

Totnes Pride 2018

Totnes Totnes Pride was launched in 2013 by Totnes-based community organisation Proud2Be. An inclusive community event open to everyone. We host a high street procession, a free family friendly day event and a fun filled after party (16+). The event takes place on the 1st Saturday in September every [...]

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Leicester Pride 2018

Victoria Park Leicester Leicester Pride 2018 on Saturday 1st September at Victoria Park. Every year the LGBT community in Leicester comes together to march through the city centre in a vibrant parade that marks the beginning of the festival. The parade starts at 12 noon and arrives at the park for 1pm. More to follow

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Reading Pride 2018

Kings Meadow, RG1 8BN Reading Pride's annual FREE Parade & Festival returns back for its fifteenth year on Saturday 1st September 2018 at Kings Meadow. The Festival kicks off when the Parade arrives at 12pm with a full line-up of entertainment throughout the day along with a funfair, youth area, a wide range of food, [...]

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Big Gay Weekender 2018

Camber Sands Holiday Park The Big Gay Weekender is a brand new LGBT weekend party taking place between the 7-10 Sep 2018. Featuring music, drag queens, pool parties, live acts, special guests, daytime entertainment and lots of surprises! Get away with your friends, family and loved ones for the biggest LGBT event in the [...]

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Channel Islands Pride 2018

Candy Gardens/Market Square 2018 sees Channel Islands Pride return to Guernsey for the second time. Join our colourful Parade winding it's way down the High Street from Candie Gardens, and then on to Market Square for an afternoon packed full of entertainment and music. All set in the beautiful harbour town of St Peter Port.

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Derbyshire Pride 2018

Derby city centre Derbyshire LGBT+ Pride is a community based non for profit organisation founded to bring Derby its annual Gay Pride celebration. Follow us for event updates. More to follow

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Eastleigh Pride Festival 2018

Eastleigh Town Centre, Leigh Road Recreational Ground Eastleigh's very first Pride Festival. We are going to be celebrating all walks of life in Eastleigh's Town Centre on Saturday 8th September. We are welcoming everyone and we will have lots of fun things to do, to see and live music throughout the day. As well as entertainment and interactive [...]

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Folkestone Pride 2018

The Leas, Folkestone Due to unforeseen circumstances, Folkestone Pride 2018 has been moved to the 08 Sep 2018. 12:00 - Meet at The Stade (Bring colour and noise) 13:00 - Parade begins 14:00 - Event on The Leas begins with stalls and more (family friendly) 20:00 - After party doors open at the Leas Cliff Hall (tickets [...]

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Herts Pride 2018

Gadebridge Park, Hemel Hempstead We are all set for Hertfordshire's biggest and best LGBT*Q celebration which this year will be held again in Gadebridge Park, Hemel Hempstead. We are planning an amazing day of entertainment for all to bring the community together. We will have our fabulous Market Zone where you can browse the [...]

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Portsmouth Pride 2018

Southsea Bandstand Portsmouth Pride is a family friendly event. Please check out our Facebook page for more details on our fundraisers events and Main Day. More to follow

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Pride - Picnic In The Park

Tatton Park The Pride in the Park picnic will be a fun filled family day of live entertainment and fun activities. This is the first celebration in Cheshire East of what we hope will be an annual event and this year takes place in the spectacular gardens of Tatton Park near Knutsford in Cheshire. Bringing [...]

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Bolton Pride 2018

Bolton Bolton Pride is back... The towns third LGBT festival will take place on the 21st September to 23rd September 2018. Main event is on Saturday the 22nd September The festival promises to be bigger and better than last year with many new programme additions planned. Bolton Pride, a hate crime [...]

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Bisexual Day Bi/Pan/Trans Party BI 2018

CLUB SX Celebrate Bisexuality Day is observed on September 23 by members of the bisexual community and their supporters. This day is a call for the bisexual community, their friends and supporters to recognize and celebrate bisexual history, bisexual community and culture, and all the bisexual people in [...]

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Preston Pride 2018

Flag Market, Preston Preston Pride is a volunteer-led community organisation established in 2012 that seeks to ensure that the LGBT community of Preston and its supporters are recognised, celebrated and supported through an annual Pride event. By contributing to the internationally recognised Pride movement, Preston [...]

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Cumbria Pride 2018

University of Cumbria Brampton Road Cumbria Prides first march and then a family friendly event with information stalls, activities main stage, youth area , trans support area, circus workshops and much more . Come along and join in the celebration of the diverse community we live in. More to follow

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Lincoln Pride 2018

City Square, Lincoln Lincoln Pride 2018 will take place on Saturday 29 September 2018 Since 2012, Lincoln Pride UK has been providing a fun and safe space in the East Midlands for people in Lincoln and the surrounding area. Each year, the day has grown. From our humble beginnings in City Square, to the grand location [...]

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November 2018

Trans Pride South West 2018

Broadmead and Old market Bristol Trans Pride South West 2018 will take place 23rd-25th November. With events at various venues across Bristol. Including a community day at The Station Broadmead and evening events in Old Market Check out our website : for more info or follow us on FB and Twitter

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