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LGBTQ+ Prides/Events USA 2018

We have 16 prides or LGBTQ events in USA for 2018.
PinkUk have a total of 163 LGBTQ+ prides and gay events in 16 countries for 2018.
Click on the event's name for full details for the applicable event that includes a map of the event's location, or click on the country's name for a list of prides in that country for 2018.
If you scroll down, you can see all the prides listed in date order.

LGBTQ pride/event dates

International LGBTQ+ pride/event dates


Australia Australia [1] |


Austria Austria [1] | France France [2] | Germany Germany [2] | Greece Greece [1] | Ireland Ireland [1] | Italy Italy [4] | Netherlands Netherlands [1] | Norway Norway [1] | Spain Spain [5] | Sweden Sweden [1] | Switzerland Switzerland [1] | UK UK [120] |

North America

Canada Canada [5] | Mexico Mexico [1] | USAUSA [16] |

CA | CO | FL | GA | IN | KY | NJ | TN | TX | WA |
Pride Pride date Pride Pride date
California (CA)
San Diego Festival 13 Jul 201813 Jul 2018 06:00 San Diego Pride Parade 14 Jul 2018
San Francisco Pride 23 Jun 201823 Jun 2018 10:30
Colorado (CO)
Denver PrideFest 16 Jun 201816 Jun 2018 11:00
Florida (FL)
Big Boy Pride:A Deeper Love 12 Apr 2018
Miami Beach Gay Pride 02 Apr 2018
St Pete Pride Parade 23 Jun 2018
Tampa Pride 24 Mar 201824 Mar 2018 09:50
Georgia (GA)
Atlanta Pride Festival 12 Oct 201812 Oct 2018 19:00
Indiana (IN)
Bloomington PRIDE Film Festival 25 Jan 2018 Bloomington Pridefest 25 Aug 201825 Aug 2018 12:00
Kentucky (KY)
Kentuckiana Pride Festival 15 Jun 2018
New Jersey (NJ)
Newark Gay Pride 12 Jul 2018
Tennessee (TN)
Nashville Pride Festival 23 Jun 201823 Jun 2018 09:30
Texas (TX)
Dallas Pride Weekend 15 Sep 201815 Sep 2018 11:00
Washington (WA)
Capital Pride Celebration 07 Jun 2018

The Land of the Free has some of the largest and best gay friendly destinations in the world even though the laws on homosexuality are mixed across the country. In a handful of states anti-gay sex laws remain though are rarely enforced. While there was always a gay underground, it was only in the late sixties that gay rights started to be promoted seriously following the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York and the election of Harvey Milk in San Francisco as America’s first out gay city politician.

Even if a few states still ban homosexuality in theory, almost everywhere across this huge country you will find gay oases and expressions of Pride – yes even in the more conservative states. Often it has been the courts who have taken a lead rather than politicians. It took the US Supreme Court rather than Congress to legalise same sex marriage US-wide. But the great coastal cities that we have all heard of - San Francisco, New York, Miami, Los Angeles - all in their unique way offer the European gay traveller a stunning scene and memorable holiday. Whether it’s a men only hotel in Key West or a trendy guest house in San Fran you’ll have every type of accommodation. We list over one hundred Prides across the US and these are not just the usual coastal cities. Prides and community are flourishing in the heartlands too from Little Rock, Arkansas to Cincinnati, Ohio to Chicago - see our list. This huge country has something for every LGBT traveller. Just enjoy it, but watch your waste line, the food servings are huge, too!

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Featured Venues

no1 hind stile boutique bnb higham ferrers

No1 Hind Stile Boutique BnB

Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire, UK

The 18th century cottage is yards away from the Market Square in the middle of Higham Ferrers, a small market town in East Northamptonshire. The [...]

maplestone shepton mallet


Shepton Mallet, Somerset, UK

Maplestone B&B is a lovely old building dating from 1650, set in a pretty walled garden. Semi rural location yet near to town centre. Great [...]

January 2018

bloomington pride film festival 2018 Top of page

Bloomington PRIDE Film Festival 2018 (IN) 25 January 2018

Bloomington PRIDE Film Festival 2018

March 2018

tampa pride 2018 Top of page

Tampa Pride 2018 (FL) 24 March 2018

Tampa Pride 2018

April 2018

miami beach gay pride 2018 Top of page

Miami Beach Gay Pride 2018 (FL) 02 April 2018

Miami Beach Gay Pride 2018

big boy pride:a deeper love 2018 Top of page

Big Boy Pride:A Deeper Love 2018 (FL) 12 April 2018

Big Boy Pride:A Deeper Love 2018

June 2018

capital pride celebration 2018 Top of page

Capital Pride Celebration 2018 (WA) 07 June 2018

Capital Pride Celebration 2018

kentuckiana pride festival 2018 Top of page

Kentuckiana Pride Festival 2018 (KY) 15 June 2018

Kentuckiana Pride Festival 2018

denver pridefest 2018 Top of page

Denver PrideFest 2018 (CO) 16 June 2018

Denver PrideFest 2018

st pete pride parade 2018 Top of page

St Pete Pride Parade 2018 (FL) 23 June 2018

St Pete Pride Parade 2018

nashville pride festival 2018 Top of page

Nashville Pride Festival 2018 (TN) 23 June 2018

Nashville Pride Festival 2018

san francisco pride 2018 Top of page

San Francisco Pride 2018 (CA) 23 June 2018

San Francisco Pride 2018

July 2018

newark gay pride 2018 Top of page

Newark Gay Pride 2018 (NJ) 12 July 2018

Newark Gay Pride 2018

san diego festival 2018 Top of page

San Diego Festival 2018 (CA) 13 July 2018

San Diego Festival 2018

san diego pride parade 2018 Top of page

San Diego Pride Parade 2018 (CA) 14 July 2018

San Diego Pride Parade 2018

August 2018

bloomington pridefest 2018 Top of page

Bloomington Pridefest 2018 (IN) 25 August 2018

Bloomington Pridefest 2018

September 2018

dallas pride weekend 2018 Top of page

Dallas Pride Weekend 2018 (TX) 15 September 2018

Dallas Pride Weekend 2018

October 2018

atlanta pride festival 2018 Top of page

Atlanta Pride Festival 2018 (GA) 12 October 2018

Atlanta Pride Festival 2018

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