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Touch of London gay massage

Touch of London gay massage

Location: Central London, UK

Boutique gay massage agency offering Body to Body, Tantric and other types of male massage. Why not visit our website and see the profiles of our masseurs? Incalls and outcalls are available, short notice can be accommodated dependent on availability. A friendly and discreet service, qualified and experienced masseurs.

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Gay slang dictionary

Slang dictionary If you have always wanted to know what those gay slang words, dating abbreviations, acronyms & slang terms mean that every uses but were too shy to ask, or if you wanted to know where they came from then the gay dictionary is your answer.
If you know of any gay slang words or gay terms we don't have listed, please let us know, thanks.

This is the gay dictionary, if you have any words that you can add let us know
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Professional (this means that he works in an office)

Person who experiences sexual, romantic, physical, and/or spiritual attraction for members of all gender identities/expressions.

An effeminate gay man, usually used derogatorily The term has been in use at least since the 1920's

India Word: Among gay circles Panthi-means a top, in Telugu language is the person who makes it play with the strings that he holds

Pearl Necklace
A deposit of cum, particulary around the neck of one's sex partner.

Pictures (may vary between face pics, body pics or more erotic pics)

Pillow Fucker
To masturbate using two pillows, so as if to have somebody under him. One pillow under the cock, and one pillow over, as to make a asshole.

Pillow Queen
Someone who,likes to recieve sex but not give.

A man who controls and profits from the services of a prostitute. The pimp may also solicite for his boys.

Pin Prick
When a person who has AIDS uses a needle to transfer the virus to unsuspecting people in a night club

A human pair of legs; commonly used to refer to a whole leg but technically only the part of the leg between the knee and ankle


PNP, or party and play, is a subculture of drug use while having sex. PNP has been widely associated with gay men or men who have sex with men. Users pick a variety of "party drugs," but most typically crystal meth.

Pole Dancer
Very vuloptuous and flexible gay males, usually of a hispanic decent. Know for very sexually charged dance moves that include many forms of giration or ginding into other dancer's crotches. They tend to be twink & bottoms

Polygamous open to or preferring to have two or more partners at once

The state of having multiple sexually or romantically committed relationships at the same time, with the consent of all partners involved.

A person is someone who is sexually and/or romantically attracted to multiple genders. It is not the same as being bisexual or pansexual, although all of these sexualities involve being attracted to more than one gender. It also is not the same as being polyamorous.

A gay man. This word generally derogatory, is common in Australia and England Sometimes also poofter

A gay man


Potato Queen
Asian guy with a preference for white guys

Power Bottom
A man with a very very strong sex drive for being penetrated extended lengths of time by one or more guys and double penetration. He’s a man that has no qualms in how fast, how hard, or how big the penetrator is. His confidence is only heightened by his fierce ability to mesmerize any top he comes into contact with, making it the ideal bottoming experience. In other words, he’s a top’s fantasy come to life.

Princeton Rub
Intercourse between two men in which one's penis rubs between the other's thigh, or between the two men's abdomens

A gay man that has never had sex with a woman.

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