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Indulgence Divine

Indulgence Divine

Location: Vittoriosa, Malta
Cost: From €85 per night

Indulgence Divine is a 16th Century town house for two with a green roof terrace. It's unique and refurbished with bespoke pieces. Its 400 year history will embrace you and whisper stories of past guests, each one individual a distinctive soul, some perhaps mavericks who questioned status quo (the Inquisitor's Palace is only a stone's throw away). If you allow it, Indulgence Divine is sure to offer you spaces to discover, a sanctuary to revel in and a place to make love in. #GayOwned #HistoricPartOfTown

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Gay slang dictionary

Slang dictionary If you have always wanted to know what those gay slang words, dating abbreviations, acronyms & slang terms mean that every uses but were too shy to ask, or if you wanted to know where they came from then the gay dictionary is your answer.
If you know of any gay slang words or gay terms we don't have listed, please let us know, thanks.

This is the gay dictionary, if you have any words that you can add let us know
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White (Caucasian)

With (for instance, “W/ own place”)

Well-Endowed (having an above-average sized penis)

Woman looking for a Woman.

Woman looking for a female couple.

Wall Queen
Male homosexual prostitute who supports himself by engaging in quick-sex, often against a wall.

To masturbate.

Wank Mag
A pornographic magazine, especially one used for sexual excitement during masturbation.

Literally someone who enjoys to masturbate but usually used as an insult for an asshole.

Which basically means the same thing as yester gay eccept its a gay man who turns straight.

White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

Water sports
The act or urinating on your partner

Weed (Cannabis) is naturally occurring substance that can act as a relaxant and mild hallucinogenic. When smoked, the effects are usually felt fairly quickly with people feeling more relaxed, happy and generally laid back. Strong cannabis can also lead to pointless giggling, loss of inhibitions and an enhanced appreciation of music and colours. Marijuana has also been reported to ease the pain, nausea and vomiting in advanced stages of cancer, AIDS and other serious illnesses.

Doing drugs. Using any kind of drug, alcohol or illegal substance. Geting completely 'Fucked up'.

A hairy gay man who’s neither a Bear nor an Otter but floats somewhere in between. Also, may not howl at the moon if you ask him too.

Wolly Woofter
A mildly derogatory term for a homosexual man (rhyming slang)

Working Boy
Male who expects payment in return for sexual services

Working Girl
Female who expects payment in return for sexual services

Water Sports (having sex that involves urine)

Female couple looking for a woman.

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