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LGBTQ+ Prides/Events Sweden 2023

We have 13 prides or LGBTQ events in Sweden for 2023.
PinkUk have a total of 629 LGBTQ+ prides and gay events in 45 countries for 2023.
Click on the event's name for full details for the applicable event that includes a map of the event's location, or click on the country's name for a list of prides in that country for 2023.
If you scroll down, you can see all the prides listed in date order.

LGBTQ pride/event dates

International LGBTQ+ pride/event dates

Pride Pride date Pride Pride date
Boras Pride 26 Jun 202326 Jun 2023 12:00
East Pride 15 May 202315 May 2023 12:00
Helsingborgs Pride 30 Jun 202330 Jun 2023 13:00
Jonkoping Pride 21 Aug 202321 Aug 2023 12:00
Malmo Pride 05 Jul 202305 Jul 2023 12:00
Pride Falkenberg 02 Jun 202302 Jun 2023 12:00
Skellefteas Pride 12 Feb 202312 Feb 2023 11:00 Spring Pride Sweden 20 May 202320 May 2023 10:00
Stockholm Pride 31 Jul 202331 Jul 2023 12:00 Sundsvall Pride 02 Jul 202302 Jul 2023 11:00
Trollhattan Pride 01 Jul 202301 Jul 2023 11:00
Vaxjo Pride 08 May 202308 May 2023 11:00
West Pride Goteburg 07 Jun 202307 Jun 2023 12:00

LGBTQ rights in Sweden are regarded as some of the most progressive in Europe and in the world. Same-sex sexual activity was legalized in 1944 and the age of consent was equalized to that of heterosexual activity in 1972.

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Featured Venues

phuket gay homestay phuket

Phuket Gay Homestay

Phuket, Thailand

A men-only accommodation, Phuket Gay Homestay is situated in Kathu. Offering just 5 rooms, the property has an outdoor clothing optional swimming [...]

maplestone shepton mallet


Shepton Mallet, Somerset, UK

Maplestone B&B is a lovely old building dating from 1650, set in a pretty walled garden. Semi rural location yet near to town centre. Great [...]

May 2023

vaxjo pride 2023 Top of page

Vaxjo Pride 2023

08 May 2023
Vaxjo: Vaxjo Pride takes place from 8th to the 14th May 2023. We take back favourites from the previous year such as the Pride art walk, the Pride pod, #letsgorainbow and lots of other important and fun events! It is together that we made Växjö Pride the big event it is! So help us with your voice and [...]

Vaxjo Pride 2023

east pride 2023 Top of page

East Pride 2023

15 May 2023
Hallarna: East Pride takes place from the 15th to the 21st May 2023. East Pride is an organization that was started in 2018 to keep the pride flag high in Norrköping and all of Östergötland. We currently consist of a motley group of people who have gathered together to stand up for solidarity and humanity. [...]

East Pride 2023

spring pride sweden 2023 Top of page

Spring Pride Sweden 2023

20 May 2023
Fristadstorget: SpringPride Sweden takes place on Saturday the 20th May 2023. We invite everyone, participants, visitors and organizations, who want to work for a society characterized by diversity, openness and respect for people's differences. On Saturday, May 20, 2023, Springpride will be held at [...]

Spring Pride Sweden 2023

June 2023

pride falkenberg 2023 Top of page

Pride Falkenberg 2023

02 June 2023
Falkenberg: Pride Falkenberg takes place from the 2nd to 3rd June 2023. Pride Falkenberg's goal is an open Falkenberg where everyone feels welcome as a resident or visitor. All people should feel equally valued and respected and have the same opportunities. Events to follow

Pride Falkenberg 2023

west pride goteburg 2023 Top of page

West Pride Goteburg 2023

07 June 2023
Göteborg: West Pride Göteborg 2022, Sweden's second biggest Pride festival, takes place from 5th to 11th June 2023. Each year, the West Pride festival is held in Gothenburg. An art and culture festival that creates safe spaces for LGBTQI people and emphasizes norm-critisism and LGBTQI person’s lives. West [...]

West Pride Goteburg 2023

boras pride 2023 Top of page

Boras Pride 2023

26 June 2023
Boras: Boras Pride takes place from the 26th June to 1st July 2023. Borås Pride is a free queer festival in the heart of Borås. Together, we create safe meeting places for LGBTQIA people and raise the daily life situation through, among other things, workshops and lectures. The festival is primarily [...]

Boras Pride 2023

helsingborgs pride 2023 Top of page

Helsingborgs Pride 2023

30 June 2023
Helsingborgs: Helsingborgs Pride takes place from the 30th June to 1st July 2023. Helsingborg Pride works for human rights, sexual and gender diversity by organizing the Pride parade, Pridefest and Pridehouse. Welcome to Helsingborg's proudest festival. Here we collect all our program items and current [...]

Helsingborgs Pride 2023

July 2023

trollhattan pride 2023 Top of page

Trollhattan Pride 2023

01 July 2023
Trollhattan: Trollhättan Pride in Sweden, take place on Saturday the 1st July 2023. Trollhättan Pride is a non-partisan and non-religious non-profit association that works to free society from oppressive norms and work for equality, gender equality and the rights of LGBTQ people. The association is open to [...]

Trollhattan Pride 2023

sundsvall pride 2023 Top of page

Sundsvall Pride 2023

02 July 2023
Sundsvall: Sundsvall Pride, Sweden takes place from the 2nd to 8th July 2023. Since its inception in 2007, the Pride Festival in Sundsvall, has spread a lot of joy and pride in the region. But everything is not just joy and glamour. The festival week includes lectures and activities that illuminate the [...]

Sundsvall Pride 2023

malmo pride 2023 Top of page

Malmo Pride 2023

05 July 2023
Malmö: Malmö Pride takes place from the 5th to the 8th of July 2023. Malmö Pride is an annually Pride festival. The festival illuminates the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community, through culture, education and opinion forming. The festival will be held the 5th - 8th of July this year and the planning of the [...]

Malmo Pride 2023

stockholm pride 2023 Top of page

Stockholm Pride 2023

31 July 2023
Pride Park on Östermalms IP: Stockholm Pride takes place from the 31st July to 6th August 2023. Stockholm Gay Pride is an annual gay celebration that honours the local LGBTQ community through a host of events, parties, debates, and one incredible pride parade. Since 1998, Stockholm Pride has continued to attract large numbers [...]

Stockholm Pride 2023

August 2023

jonkoping pride 2023 Top of page

Jonkoping Pride 2023

21 August 2023
Jönköping: Jonkoping Pride takes place from the 21st to 27th August 2023. Qom ut was formed in 2013. The same year, Jönköping's first pride festival was held. At the parade, there were about 1,300 people. Since then, it has been paired every year with a constantly increasing number of participants. In 2017, [...]

Jonkoping Pride 2023

March 2023

skellefteas pride 2023 Top of page

Skellefteas Pride 2023 12 February 2023

Skellefteas Pride 2023

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