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Tantric Soul gay massage in London

Tantric Soul gay massage in London

Location: London, UK

Hello and a very warm welcome to Tantric Soul, Gay massage London, established 2005. We are London's most popular and skilled Body to body and Tantric massage agency.

We specialise in Swedish, deep tissue massage, with an erotic twist, providing Gym fit, handsome, skill masseurs with locations right across Central and West London.
Enjoy a relaxing body to body massage where you can be pampered and cared for, with a handsome, fit gentleman in complete discretion.

Tantric Soul gay massage in London
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LGBTQ+ Europe, Germany, Hesse, Frankfurt

Don’t be complacent about rights affecting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (or Queer) (LGBTQ) people. Rights vary greatly by country or legal jurisdiction – encompassing everything from the legal recognition of same-sex marriage to the death penalty for homosexuality.. According to Wikipedia as of July 2020, the penal codes of nine United Nations-recognised countries, Afghanistan, Brunei, Iran, Iraq, Mauritania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and Yemen, impose the death penalty for homosexuality.

We have a total of 3,333 venues in 77 countries.
Germany These days Germany shouts ‘just come visit us’ across its many LGBT cultured and liberal feeling cities. From its northwest with Hamburg and Cologne to its gay mecca of Berlin and its other great gay cities to the south, Munich and Dusseldorf, the Euro gay traveller is spoilt for choice in this no-nonsense, get what you see and ask for country. Whether you’re looking for more traditional city breaks, art, culture, architecture or landscape you have some of the best locations in Europe, if not the world. On the other hand If you’re more interested in the deep gay scene whether vanilla or the friskier end, you have no end of options.

Berlin is where some of the famous action is (without going into too much detail here) but you need to have a bit of weight in your wallet for a lot of the nightlife, though there are still bargains to be found if you search the venues and accommodation options on Pink UK. If money is still an issue, then check out the options in Cologne and other provincial cities. Whatever you decide, just go there and talk ‘straight’ to the locals - if that isn’t too strange a thing to say for a gay traveller.

We have 72 future LGBTQ+ Prides/Events/Festivals listing in 2023 in Germany.



We have 9 Regions in Germany.
Hamburg (1 town)  | Hesse (1 town) |


We have 1 Towns/Cities in Hesse.
Frankfurt (7 venues) |


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clubsauna amsterdam frankfurt
gay venue Clubsauna Amsterdam
Waidmannstraße 31, 60596
Frankfurt, Hesse
LGBTQ+ Restaurant, Sauna
Rating: rating
26 Sep 2021
The sauna Everyone comes here its cost: clean and refresh in the shower area, sweat and meditate in our modern sauna landscape and relax in the well-kept whirlpool. Fresh air fans come from here [...]
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lucky's frankfurt
gay venue Lucky's
Große Friedberger Street. 26, 60313
Frankfurt, Hesse
Rating: rating
18 Apr 2023
Welcome to Lucky's We are constantly updating our page. Should there be any information missing, please feel free to contact us here or via Facebook. Our opening hours are daily from 15:00 (that's [...]
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metropol sauna frankfurt
gay venue Metropol Sauna
Schwedenkronenpl., 60313
Frankfurt, Hesse
LGBTQ+ Sauna
Rating: rating
25 Sep 2022
Metropol Sauna is the biggest and newest gay sauna in Frankfurt. Since 2018 in a new location. Open daily from 12 to 7 o'clock in the morning, on weekends throughout. Enjoy our constant events, z. B. [...]
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raw shop frankfurt
gay venue Raw Shop
Brückenstraße 36, 60594
Frankfurt, Hesse
Rating: rating
17 Aug 2022
RUFF Gear Frankfurt Men´s Lifestyle + Fetish Store / Gay. RUFF Gear Frankfurt also have an online shop.
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saunawerk frankfurt
gay venue Saunawerk
Eschersheimer Landstraße 88
Frankfurt, Hesse
LGBTQ+ Sauna
Rating: rating
30 Jul 2022
Saunawerk, the coolest gay sauna in Frankfurt The sauna. The gay sauna in Frankfurt am Main with everything the gay and bisexual male heart desires. Swimming pool with waterfall next to jacuzzi, [...]
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switchboard frankfurt
gay venue Switchboard Updated venue
Alte G. 36, 60313
Frankfurt, Hesse
LGBTQ+ Bar, Restaurant
Rating: rating
06 Jun 2023
Switchboard is a Bar. Café Switchboard Since 1988, the Switchboard Bar.Café.Kultur has been known and loved as the café and cultural centre of the AHF at Alte Gasse 36. It was planned by Frankfurt [...]
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zum schwejk frankfurt
gay venue Zum Schwejk Updated venue
Schäfergasse 20, 60313
Frankfurt, Hesse
Rating: rating
06 Jun 2023
Zum Schwejk Frankfurt's FUNNY PUB! For over 30 years, party people meet in the most famous scene bar in Frankfurt. All who want to celebrate are welcome. Not just gays from all over the world a [...]
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