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Tumulus 2018

Tumulus 2018
Location: The Vaults
Date: 24 Jan 2018 21:30 - 28 Jan 2018 22:30
Town: London
County: London

Updated: 14 Jan 2018

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Why not look at the full London gay scene


When Anthony’s one-night stand turns up dead on the Hampstead Heath tumulus, everyone assumes he’s another casualty of London’s chemsex culture. But after a second body is discovered Anthony suspects foul play and is thrust into a terrifying, drug-fuelled journey to uncover the truth. Like a darker and gay (well, gayer) Murder She Wrote episode, this ‘queer noir’ theatre show follows an unlikely detective as he races to solve the murders before a killer strikes again. Cast includes Ian Hallard (Sherlock, Doctor Who), Tom Rhys Harries (Chewing Gum, Jekyll & Hyde), and Ciaran Owens (Wallander, The Inbetweeners).

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