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Location: Chapter Arts Centre
Date: 03 Oct 2018 19:30 - 13 Oct 2018
Town: Cardiff
County: South Wales

Tel: (0)29 2030 440

Updated: 03 Oct 2018

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Cardiff, 2023 - a law passed in Westminster in 2005 has just come into force. Children told they were born from donated eggs or sperm, upon turning 18, are now entitled to know the identity of their donor parent.
Mary seeks out sperm donor Chris, knocking his world asunder. In this new era, where racial tensions run high, she wants answers. Who are her half-siblings? Could she have inherited her deafness? And is Chris prepared to risk his marriage to John and own family plans to help her feel she belongs?
2023 has been developed with support from academics and researchers in the fields of gamete donation and D/deafness.

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