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Product of the month: Breedwell Underwear

breedwell logo Brand of the Month, Breedwell underwear!

For the product month we have for February actually selected a brand of the month. As it is the month of love we thought we highlight one of the best-selling underwear ranges. Who does not like the look of a loved one in a pair of sex briefs or a jockstrap? You might also get inspired and treat your man to some sexy gear. So without further ado the brand off the month is Breedwell Underwear.


Who are Breedwell? breedwell logo
You might not have heard from them as they are relatively new in the world of Fashion and Fetish Gear. Based in the USA they focus their intensions on the sexy elements of design.
Their ranges are all about accentuating your assets and providing easy access. Just what we need this Valentines. A lot of their pieces have some bright colours integrated in the design, some of them even fluorescent, great if you want to know where your man is at any times.


What do they offer? breedwell logo
Breedwell offers a range of products. From some basic, but sexy, briefs and jockstraps to more expressive harnesses, shorts, armbands and swimwear. Compared to some other brands Breedwell’s design is more “out there”.
There play with colours and neon-lighting plus the focus on body enhancing elements really sets them apart. The range keeps growing so this is very much one to watch. Even though the quality, comfort and design ecstatic are of a high level they have managed to keep the prices down, making their collection great value, always a bonus.

With Valentines around the corner a pair of Breedwell underwear might just make the perfect gay underwear gift. Or get some for yourself so you can show yourself off to your Valentine, show him how lucky he is!


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