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Pride Karlsruhe 2020

Pride Karlsruhe 2020
Pride Karlsruhe 2020,
Location: Stephanplatz
Date: 06 Jun 2020 11:00 to 06 Jun 2020 23:00
Town: Karlsruhe
State/Region: Baden
Country: Germany

Views: 349
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Updated: 18 Nov 2019

Pride Karlsruhe 2020 website
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Gay Baden
Prides future and past.
Pride 2019 | Pride


Motto 2020: Queer enough!
United we stood.
November 14, 2019

Cohesion for the queer community, as well as between all other hostile groups is more important than ever. This is what we at CSD Karlsruhe 2020 want to emphasize with this motto.

Together we have achieved a lot as a queer community. Since 1997, same-sex sex is no longer punishable, and since 2016, marriage is also accessible to same-sex couples. These victories we have had to fight hard against conservative and reactionary parts of politics and society. In the last two decades, as in the years before, social acceptance has increased through our self-confident and visible appearance, but we are currently in a turning point. At a time when the US president wants to exclude trans * soldiers, the media in the UK spread a moral panic in front of trans * persons, lesbians and gays in Russia are being pushed into the underground and even in Germany a right-wing party is growing stronger is, it is even more important to continue to fight for one another, to continue to fight together as a community for our rights. For what we have already achieved can be taken away from us at any time, and we have not achieved equal rights by far.

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corona virus Due to the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak there is a risk that prides in 2020 will be cancelled.
Please check with prides website for the latest information on weather this applicable pride has been cancelled or if the pride has changed their event.
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