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Pink Dot Singapore 2020

Pink Dot Singapore 2020
Pink Dot Singapore 2020,
Location: Hong Lim Park
Date: 27 Jun 2020 to 27 Jun 2020
Town: Singapore
State/Region: Singapore
Country: Singapore

Views: 359
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Updated: 23 Mar 2020

Pink Dot Singapore 2020 website
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Gay Singapore


Unfortunately, Pink Dot, Singapore Pride is being postponed due to circumstances of Covid-19.

Pink Dot SG is a movement for a stronger, more open and inclusive Singapore.

The rally aims to raise public awareness about issues faced by LGBTQ Singaporeans and to signal to LGBTQ people here that they are loved and valued in Singapore. With openness and acceptance, we hope to bring LGBTQ Singaporeans closer to their family, friends and communities.

Pink is the colour of our ICs. It is also the colour when you mix red and white – the colours of our national flag. Pink Dot SG stands for an open, inclusive society within our Red Dot, where sexual orientation represents a feature, not a barrier.

Sex between consenting gay adults is still illegal, though the law is not enforced. The gay community still faces challenges and Pink Dot events and activities aims to remind people in the city state of gay rights. Safe to say, the LGBT community in Singapore has been subject to a multitude hate speech and bigotry.

Pink Dot recognises that many Singaporeans are conservative. However, we also recognise the dangers that prejudice and bigotry can have on our social fabric. We are mindful that in some countries, hate crimes towards the sexual minorities have spurred outcries and social unrest.


Most LGBT Singaporeans are afraid to come out of the closet. This stems from a fear that the simple act of telling the truth can potentially pull them apart from the people that they love. As such, many of them live their lives dodging questions about their romantic life, hiding their true selves from concerned family members and friends.

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corona virus Due to the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak there is a risk that prides in 2020 will be cancelled.
Please check with prides website for the latest information on weather this applicable pride has been cancelled or if the pride has changed their event.
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