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Tantric Soul gay massage in London

Tantric Soul gay massage in London

Location: London, UK

Hello and a very warm welcome to Tantric Soul, Gay massage London, established 2005. We are London's most popular and skilled Body to body and Tantric massage agency.
We specialise in Swedish, deep tissue massage, with an erotic twist, providing Gym fit, handsome, skill masseurs with locations right across Central and West London.
Enjoy a relaxing body to body massage where you can be pampered and cared for, with a handsome, fit gentleman in complete discretion.

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Tantric Soul gay massage in London
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LGBTQ+ Prides/Events Spain 2024

We have 27 prides or LGBTQ events in Spain for 2024.
PinkUk have a total of 1,166 LGBTQ+ prides and gay events in 58 countries for 2024.
Click on the event's name for full details for the applicable event that includes a map of the event's location, or click on the country's name for a list of prides in that country for 2024.
If you scroll down, you can see all the prides listed in date order.

LGBTQ pride/event dates

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Pride Pride date Pride Pride date
Bear Carnival 09 Mar 202409 Mar 2024 12:00 Bears Sitges Week 31 Aug 202431 Aug 2024 20:00
Benidorm Pride 02 Sep 202402 Sep 2024 12:00 Bilbao Pride 14 Jun 202414 Jun 2024 18:00
Circuit Festival 10 Aug 202410 Aug 2024 10:00
ELLA Mallorca 23 Aug 202423 Aug 2024 20:00
Fulanita Fest A Women's Festival 25 May 202425 May 2024 19:00
Ibiza Gay Pride 07 Jun 202407 Jun 2024 11:00 Infinity Festival Torremolinos 30 Apr 202430 Apr 2024 13:00
International Bears Sitges Meeting 26 Apr 202426 Apr 2024 19:00
Mad Bear Beach Party 09 Aug 202409 Aug 2024 12:00 MadBear Madrid 04 Dec 202404 Dec 2024 14:00
MadBear Torremolinos 09 Aug 202409 Aug 2024 12:00 MadBear Valencia 06 Mar 202406 Mar 2024 14:00
Madrid Pride 28 Jun 202428 Jun 2024 12:00 Manilva Pride 15 Jun 202415 Jun 2024 20:00
Maspalomas Fetish Week 04 Oct 202404 Oct 2024 11:00 Maspalomas Pride 02 May 202402 May 2024 12:00
Maspalomas Rubber Fest 13 Feb 202413 Feb 2024 20:00 Maspalomas Winter Pride 04 Nov 202404 Nov 2024 14:00
Matrix Sun Festival 20 Aug 202420 Aug 2024 12:00
Noxon Bear Week 09 Mar 202409 Mar 2024 21:00
Pride Barcelona 18 Jul 202418 Jul 2024 10:00
Seville Pride 29 Jun 202429 Jun 2024 11:00 Sitges Pride 05 Jun 202405 Jun 2024 12:00
Torremolinos Pride 26 May 202426 May 2024 08:00
Valencia Pride 28 Jun 202428 Jun 2024 19:30

Wherever you go in Spain, there’s a party. Since the country’s transformation from dictatorship to democracy, over the last 40 years, the gay scene has boomed. That’s been great news for UK LGBT tourists who flock to the sun and party vibe that is so distinctive Spain simply offer everything from food to nightlife to history and culture and it is still competitively priced compared to other destinations in Europe. Besides the obvious attraction of the weather and food, the popular gay destinations of Madrid, Barcelona, Sitges, Gran Canaria and Ibiza each offer a slightly different mix of attractions and atmosphere - all underwritten by sun, sangria and well you know.

Madrid has one of the largest gay pride festivals in Europe. Barcelona has some of the best clubs and bars and Ibiza, well, what needs to be said? Hedonistic Sitges, a bit like Brighton is to London, is just down the coast from Barcelona and is simply one of the most beautiful beach resorts in Europe so it’s no surprise it’s a haven for gay men who love For those who need sun therapy all year-round Gran Canaria gives it in spades - not that building sand castles is likely to be a high priority if you go cruising in the famous sand dunes.

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Featured Venues

townhouse exeter exeter

Townhouse Exeter

Exeter, Devon, UK

Townhouse Exeter is a gay-owned, LGBTQ+ friendly, 9-bedroom guesthouse tucked away in a quiet corner of Exeter's city centre. We are about duvets & [...]

fern howe guest house keswick

Fern Howe Guest House

Keswick, Cumbria, UK

Fern Howe Guest House is situated within the picturesque village of Braithwaite, 2.5 miles from the popular market town of Keswick in the beautiful [...]

June 2024

sitges pride 2024 Top of page

Sitges Pride 2024 05 June 2024

Sitges Pride 2024

ibiza gay pride 2024 Top of page

Ibiza Gay Pride 2024 07 June 2024

Ibiza Gay Pride 2024

bilbao pride 2024 Top of page

Bilbao Pride 2024

14 June 2024
Arenal: Bilbao Pride takes place from the 14th to the 23rd June 2024. Pride Bilbao takes place in June each year and is billed as a socio-cultural festival that advocates for LGBT visibility and for diversity. The pride is centred around Bilbao Pride Stage (Arenal) with shows and acts taking place nightly [...]

Bilbao Pride 2024

manilva pride 2024 Top of page

Manilva Pride 2024 15 June 2024

Manilva Pride 2024

madrid pride 2024 Top of page

Madrid Pride 2024

28 June 2024
Plaza de España: Madrid Pride (Madrid Orgullo) takes place from the 28th June to the 7th July 2024. Free open air concerts, different performing stages, parties, art, culture, sport... and all of them in the gay neighbourhood Chueca at the very centre of the city. MADO is the LGBTIQ Pride festival to be held in [...]

Madrid Pride 2024

valencia pride 2024 Top of page

Valencia Pride 2024

28 June 2024
Plaza del Ayuntamiento: Valencia Pride takes place from the 28th to 30th June 2024. Born in 1986, the Lambda Collective collected the testimony of the movement for sexual liberation started in 1977 in the Valencian Country by MAS-PV (Movement of Sexual Liberation of the Valencian Country) and the MAG-PV (Gay Liberation [...]

Valencia Pride 2024

seville pride 2024 Top of page

Seville Pride 2024

29 June 2024
Plaza d’España: Seville Pride, Andalusian Pride, takes place on Saturday the 29th June 2024. Theme to follow Parade The main parade takes place on Saturday, during a weeklong a series of events including music concerts, shows, exhibitions, circuit parties and a grand finale concert. The parade leaves in the [...]

Seville Pride 2024

July 2024

pride barcelona 2024 Top of page

Pride Barcelona 2024

18 July 2024
Plaça Universitat: Barcelona Pride, takes place from the 18th to 21st June 2024. Welcome to the celebration of diversity! Welcome to the fight for freedom, equality and respect for the LGTBIQ+ community. After years of progress and achievements, we are living in a moment in which threats to our group have increased [...]

Pride Barcelona 2024

August 2024

mad bear beach party 2024 Top of page

Mad Bear Beach Party 2024

09 August 2024
Torremolinos Beach: Mad Bear Beach Party take place from the 9th to 19th August 2024. We want to invite you one more year to a special and fun summer week, to enjoy the sun, 10 DAYS with great parties day and night, with the best National and International DJs, bear pub crawls and with the choice of Mr. MAD. BEAR [...]

Mad Bear Beach Party 2024

madbear torremolinos 2024 Top of page

MadBear Torremolinos 2024

09 August 2024
Centre: MadBear Torremolinos, takes place from the 9th to the 19th August 2024. MadBear takes place in various locations in Torremolinos will host the most significant parties of this festival: Ritual hotel and Eden beach. More to follow.

MadBear Torremolinos 2024

circuit festival 2024 Top of page

Circuit Festival 2024

10 August 2024
Barcelona: Circuit Festival takes place in Barcelona from 10th to 18th August 2024. Circuit Festival is organised by nightlife promoter from Barcelona Matinée Group. Born more than twenty years ago, this company has achieved an international recognition and produces events such as Circuit Festival, La Leche! [...]

Circuit Festival 2024

matrix sun festival 2024 Top of page

Matrix Sun Festival 2024

20 August 2024
Torremolinos: Matrix Sun Festival takes place from the 20th to 25th August 2024. For 5 years, Matrix Events has been an essential part of gay entertainment in Spain and the world. Since then, we have been present with our own parties, festivals and the Matrix World Tour, our annual tour that every year attracts [...]

Matrix Sun Festival 2024

ella mallorca 2024 Top of page

ELLA Mallorca 2024

23 August 2024
Rooftop of the Congress Palace of Palma: ELLA Mallorca takes place from the 23rd to 30th August 2024. Welcome to the 8th edition of ELLA Summer Mallorca — culture, music, sports and art for LBTQ+ women – on the gorgeous island of Mallorca in the Balearics, Spain. Seven days full of activities: conferences with international speakers, [...]

ELLA Mallorca 2024

bears sitges week 2024 Top of page

Bears Sitges Week 2024

31 August 2024
Bear Village: Bears Sitges Week takes place from 31st August to 8th September 2024. The Bears Sitges Week (In normal celebrations) is an event that usually lasts 10 days, we call it Bears Week since for a week we open the world-famous Bear-Village in front of the sea. More than 8,000 Bears from all over the [...]

Bears Sitges Week 2024

September 2024

benidorm pride 2024 Top of page

Benidorm Pride 2024

02 September 2024
Costa Blanca coast: Benidorm Pride takes place from the 2nd to 8th September 2024. This is the 12th big pride outing for the high octane resort and is set to be the biggest and most wow factor event on the Costa Blanca coast. With a week-long series of flamboyant events leading up to the Playa Levante big parade and [...]

Benidorm Pride 2024

October 2024

maspalomas fetish week 2024 Top of page

Maspalomas Fetish Week 2024

04 October 2024
Maspalomas: Maspalomas Fetish Week takes place from the 4th to 13th October 2024. The only European gay fetish event by the beach! Maspalomas Fetish Pride is one of Europe’s biggest get-togethers for men into Gear, celebrating all Fetish Tribes, including Leather, Rubber, Puppy, Uniform, Skins & Punks, Sports [...]

Maspalomas Fetish Week 2024

November 2024

maspalomas winter pride 2024 Top of page

Maspalomas Winter Pride 2024

04 November 2024
Maspalomas: Maspalomas Winter Pride takes place from the 4th to 10th November 2024. Winter Pride Maspalomas is the final gay pride celebration in the European calendar year. An open air event with an average outside temperature of 23 degrees. One week of amazing events with live shows with international [...]

Maspalomas Winter Pride 2024

December 2024

madbear madrid 2024 Top of page

MadBear Madrid 2024

04 December 2024
Pelayo Street 4: MadBear Madrid, takes place from the 4th to 10th December 2024. But not only does the bear live on kds. MAD.BEAR also wants to promote various activities open to all who want to participate, such as excursions, dinners, parties ... We hope to make Madrid a benchmark, and we want to promote a [...]

MadBear Madrid 2024

June 2024

maspalomas rubber fest 2024 Top of page

Maspalomas Rubber Fest 2024 13 February 2024

Maspalomas Rubber Fest 2024

March 2024

madbear valencia 2024 Top of page

MadBear Valencia 2024 06 March 2024

MadBear Valencia 2024

bear carnival 2024 Top of page

Bear Carnival 2024 09 March 2024

Bear Carnival 2024

noxon bear week 2024 Top of page

Noxon Bear Week 2024 09 March 2024

Noxon Bear Week 2024

April 2024

international bears sitges meeting 2024 Top of page

International Bears Sitges Meeting 2024 26 April 2024

International Bears Sitges Meeting 2024

infinity festival torremolinos 2024 Top of page

Infinity Festival Torremolinos 2024 30 April 2024

Infinity Festival Torremolinos 2024

May 2024

maspalomas pride 2024 Top of page

Maspalomas Pride 2024 02 May 2024

Maspalomas Pride 2024

fulanita fest a women's festival 2024 Top of page

Fulanita Fest A Women's Festival 2024 25 May 2024

Fulanita Fest A Women's Festival 2024

torremolinos pride 2024 Top of page

Torremolinos Pride 2024 26 May 2024

Torremolinos Pride 2024
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