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Findings Haunting

Findings Haunting

Location: Sussex, UK

Findings Haunting are proud to be the only LGBT run group in the UK. If you are interested in all things Paranormal then this is the perfect group to get involved with. If you know any destinations that you believe to have Paranormal happenings please let us know. We are always looking for volunteers to help us on our Investigations. Get in touch. We also have an events page worth looking at...

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Cat: Gay Bar

39-41 Richmond Street
Manchester, Lancashire
M1 3WB

Vanilla website
Views: 11,277 Since 03 Apr 2019
Reviews: 2 3 Star Rating: Recommended
Updated: 03 Apr 2019
Gay Lancashire
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Gay Owned
Vanilla is the UK's leading lesbian bar.
Described as 'the lesbian mecca of the north', vanilla is a lively women's den situated in the heart of Manchester's gay village.
Since opening in 1998, vanilla has won many awards for its total dedication and commitment to the lesbian scene, not only in Manchester but throughout the UK. This culminated in winning the coverted title Best Bar in the UK 2002 and 2003 @ the DIVA awards, Europe's leading lesbian magazine.
vanilla has welcomed nearly one million women through its doors since opening and thousands have become lovers and friends. We'd like to extend the avenues of how to meet women with our new dating service - Luv'd Up. Our website gets over 1000 hits per week, so it's the perfect site to leave your details if you're looking for love, or maybe a couple looking for new friends. All we ask is that you leave a photo of yourself and a correct email address.

Vanilla's aim is to always provide our clientelle with a range of new and exciting events. The gossip section of our website offers you a preview of parties, special events, drinks promotions, etc. If you want to know what's happening on a specific date please email our team On the staff profiles section, you'll find everything you want to know about the girls who serve you... well a taste of what they are like, if want to know more email them direct!
Our photo gallery section displays the great women who come and party at vanilla.

At vanilla, you know you're in safe hands and can relax, be yourself and party at our infamous lesbian events. Our dj's provide a full spectrum of music throughout the week.

Come to vanilla and enjoy a myriad of events appealing to a wide range of women. Vanilla is truly the place to be seen!

Address: Vanilla, 39-41 Richmond Street, Manchester, Lancashire,
M1 3WB

Tel: 01616 376 258

Vanilla website

Contact Vanilla

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5 out of 5 05 Oct 2017
I've been going to Vanilla for a few years now and over that time my opinion of the place has changed 180! First time I went I was very shy and there was a loud group of lesbians in there and I got intimidated because I didn't know anyone and left. I'm so glad I went back though because this is now my pretty much favourite place in the village. The bar staff are exceptional. They're kind and caring and I've seen them just quietly sobering up people, giving them sanitary products, helping them fix their hair - literally everything. However if you're rude to them you'll be out the door super quick because they take making the space welcoming super seriously. This is the only full time lesbian space in the village and unfortunately that does sometimes mean that you get groups of straight guys/couples looking for 3sums but they're normally spotted refused entry. In the past they tried to make it a woman only space but now guys are allowed in as long as they're not causing trouble or making everyone uncomfortable so if you're dead on they are too. It's also one of the few places that hire trans individuals to work as standard staff as opposed to entertainment which is nice. + Cocktails are amazing and cheaper than the other cocktail places in the village. Also Thursday & Sunday have £1.50 drinks which is crazy cheep + Pool table for those of you with hand eye co-ordination +Trans friendly (both trans masculine, feminine and non-binary) - Not open every day - If you're in a group with more men then women and they don't know you/everyone is loud and plastered they might not let you in if it's super busy (not really a negative for us girls but can see how it might piss people off) - Saturday nights are normally absolutely jammed from 1am onwards, you can get in but it's loud.
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Deleted account:
1 out of 5 23 Feb 2013
 29 Mar 2013  to be honest  i would not give a 1 rtaing, it deserves 0. when me and my GAY friends both males and females and yes we are ASIAN, at first got searched and had to wait before we were let in, when they were many scaslly ruff people walked in, well sorry, was allowed to walk in, not search despite them making a racket, noise swearing drunk, we were civil, we didnt let it gert to us, coz this so-called RACIST bar, was recommended by people i worked with, said its supposed to be gay friendly, yeh my ass, then after 10 minutes waiting in the rain, and the fucking bounces compoletely ignorant, then let us in, we one of them who kept looking at the barman nodded his head let us in, after we waied for upto 10 minutes, when this fucking rude and RACIST female barmaid ignored us, when she completely ignored us, serving people behind us, who just walked in, aftewr 10 minutes, i snaspped at her, and said we were before them and completedly ignored, not even said sorry, i went to another barmaid who said would serve us, then fucked off, we just said fucked this and walked off, then some guy said "leavng" i said yeh never coming to this RACIST dump, and spat on the floor, which is whats its worth for, and went elsewhere and fun and spent my hard earned where i got excellent customer servie. this place is DEFINETELY not recommended ONLY for RACISTS and BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SCALLIES .  

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Photo of Vanilla
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