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Jailhouse CPH

Jailhouse CPH
Cat: Gay Bar

Studiestræde 12, 1455 København

Jailhouse CPH website
Views: 300 Since 07 May 2019
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Updated: 07 May 2019
Gay Copenhagen
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Visit Copenhagen's friendliest prison

Behind bars and raw brick walls you will find the Jailhouse. When you open the door to the cozy gay bar, your gaze meets the smiles locally. Upstairs at the bar, bartenders are wearing police uniforms, they see you, send you a huge smile and wave to the bar.

A few minutes later you sit with a White Russian in your hand and are surrounded by slanting guys. You take a sip and let yourself be ripped off by the festive mood. You feel the heat in your cheeks and let your eyes pan through the room. Everywhere there are happy people with police hats, cold beers and welcoming smiles.

If you have not already experienced this festive atmosphere in Copenhagen's friendliest jail, Jailhouse, we will be delighted to welcome you to a smash cozy evening.
Jailhouse creates friendships for life

What characterizes the environment at our bar is companionship at the cross. It is a place where people meet, talk and connect strong friendships. We not only enjoy each other's company at the bar, we also do all sorts of things together next door. For example, we go out and travel in the steak together. Jailhouse, however, is our favourite place.
A place for those who lack relationships

With the warm and open atmosphere, the Jailhouse is an obvious place for those who do not have so many relationships. At Jailhouse we openly welcome ourselves for new faces. Because we know how important it is with close relationships.

With us everyone is welcome: Young students, tourists and old boys who are having fun and spas.



Everyday Daily 3pm - 2am

Address: Jailhouse CPH, Studiestræde 12, 1455 København, Copenhagen, Copenhagen,

Tel: +45 33 15 22 55

Jailhouse CPH website

Contact Jailhouse CPH

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