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Hyde Park, London, Cruising ground

hyde park london
gay venue Hyde Park
Rose Garden, Hyde Park
W2 2UH

The London gay scene

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Reviews: 7 4 Star Rating: Recommended
Updated: 22 September 2014

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Gay Run
Outdoor cruising starts at dusk and not before! It happens until 2am in summer & earlier in winter; but after 12midnight you must use the small gate by the ladies public toilets to enter/exit.

Police patrol the park, after midnight the park is closed to the public. If found by the police; do not run away. This shows guilt. As long as your not found with your pants down your fine. Act cool & polite. Asking how to exit. Don't say you were using park as a toilet or face a £90 fine!
dusk until 12 midnight

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3 out of 5 03 Feb 2012
It was alright. Just watched the guys...we went down to the dirty dicks (the pub) across the road.

4 out of 5 05 Jan 2008
Had some very good and some very bad experiences here. Good: some unbelievably hot European and international guys, lots of groups, guys of all ages. The other night I met an amazing Italian guy, like a model. Bad: there are pickpockets here, but there are also some weirdos - sometimes threatening, sometimes drunk/high. Caution is needed.

5 out of 5 14 Oct 2007
GOOD-LOOKING PICKPOCKETS SUCK YOUR DICK… You can have LOTS of fun here but BEWARE as pickpockets will suck your dick as they feel all your pockets. There’s 3 regular pickpockets I can tell you about: [1] Tall black guy, 6’2”, shaved head, fashionable, youngish [maybe 25], clean.Very good looking. Last seen wearing turquoise Adidas jacket with two white stripes down sleeve, dark jeans, new white trainers. Comes up to you and immediately crouches before you and sucks your cock grasping your hips with both hands. After he feels your front pockets he moves his hands to your arse and feels your back pockets. If you’re wearing a jacket he uses the back of his hands to find out if there’s anything in your pockets. He’ll then move up to play with your chest and feel shirt pockets. As soon as he finds all your pockets are empty he leaves. [2] Shorter black guy, friend of above, 5’9” also about 25. Less fashionable and less clean than above. Last seen wearing red jacket with red and white sleeves. Same tactics as above. [3] Very short white guy. Looks very young, about 18 or 20, looks very cute but ALWAYS wears big hoods so hard to see him but he is tiny, about 5’. Same tactics. I spoke to somebody who gets his kicks by blowing his load in the mouth of these thieves… when he leaves the pub picks up a bundle of leaflets which he folds down to make ‘wallet-size’ objects which he puts in all his pockets… the pickpockets carry on sucking when they think they’re onto a winner!

4 out of 5 25 Sep 2007
Cool place. Met nice people and had a great time. Police is present, but not to bug you, only to protect. Nice area with lots of bushes around the rose garden where you can have fun. Lots of action. Had three good looking guys in one hour. Of course you will also find elderly men and the ugly ones, but there are also quite some cute guys wanting to suck your dick and get fucked. You should be aware of your belongings, since it is pretty dark there. Best is to leave your money at home and only bring condoms for a good fuck. Enjoy it!

5 out of 5 30 Dec 2006

5 out of 5 30 Dec 2006

3 out of 5 10 Nov 2006
in terms of location this has the edge on Hampstead Heath and it's also rather beautiful.Seems to be quite a nice variety of people,not just the baseball cap brigade masquerading as something much younger. Be wary....there's the odd sprinking of more shady characters....obviously give a wide berth to black guys in hoods etc....apply some common sense.Police are in evidence NOT to curtail the sexual activity but protect you from the criminal elements.

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