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No1 Hind Stile Boutique BnB

No1 Hind Stile Boutique BnB

Location: Higham Ferrers, UK
Cost: Cost £85.00 double occupancy,£65.00 single occupancy per night

The 18th century cottage is yards away from the Market Square in the middle of Higham Ferrers, a small market town in East Northamptonshire. The cottage is decorated in classic English style with antiques, artwork, sumptuous fabrics and lots of colour. There are two en-suite king size bedded rooms, one being a four poster. Both large bedrooms have super comfy beds, 100% cotton bed linens and fluffy towels. The bedrooms have TV, Netflix, WiFi, Lavazza Coffee, tea, Hildon water and Penhaligons toiletries to pamper your self with, the height of luxury.

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Blackheath Heath

corona virus Due to the Worldwide Coronavirus outbreak we urge you NOT to go to any cruising grounds or meet up with others, not just for sex but also to socialise.
Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (but only if you cannot work from home). If you do go outside, stay at least 2 metres (6 feet) away from other people.

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Protect the NHS
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Blackheath Heath
Cat: Gay Cruising

Vanbrugh park, Charlton Way, Blackheath Village
Greenwich, London

Views: 36,192 Since 19 May 2013
Reviews: 10 4 Star Rating: Recommended
Updated: 19 May 2013
Gay London

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At the end of greenwich park opposite the road Is the begining of the heath. It is covered with bush. When it starts to get dark, the guys cum out. You will find guys in there teens down to the oldies. It is safe never had any problems here.

Address: Blackheath Heath, Vanbrugh park, Charlton Way, Blackheath Village, Greenwich, London,

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5 out of 5 18 Mar 2018
im going there tomorrow at 5pm. I always go there. Never dissapointed
5 out of 5 31 Jan 2018
I always get some action in there. Going there tomorrow at 5pm.
1 out of 5 19 Jun 2016
i am new in london and is the 1th time for me the place are in use at the moment? or never go eny people?
No image
Deleted account:
1 out of 5 29 Jan 2015
I need to know where exactly this is? I visited last time, but while returning via Greenwhich Park they were closing the gate. So not sure where exactly this is?
No image
Deleted account:
1 out of 5 16 Sep 2014
Don't do this! Decided to try this out for the first time, curiosity got the better of me. There were a couple of guys there and had a little fumble. As I was making my way out, I got ambushed by a gang of maybe 3 or 4. Punched and kicked and stole my phone, got me on the ground and kicked me a few more times. I started screaming and shouting as loud as I could and they ran off. I had nothing else on me except some loose change and a couple of condoms. Made my way to town covered in blood and somebody called me an ambulance. Ended up spending the rest of the evening in A+E being patched up. Got off pretty lucky with only a few cuts and bruises considering what could have happened. So.. first and only (and last!) time I will ever do this. There are safer alternatives to going to dark and secluded woods where there are all sorts of crazies, drunks and robbers! If you think "this could be dodgy" - then you're right. It is! Only go there if you think you'd be able to take on a gang, possibly armed with knives... DON'T DO IT!
No image
Deleted account:
5 out of 5 01 Sep 2013
Ill stay nearto that place at the O2 arena, could anyone tell me how to get there?
No image
Deleted account:
5 out of 5 01 Aug 2011
Great local cruising area. Hot guys. Lots of bushes - but the main cruising area is a bit exposed, so beware and use common sense. If you hear straight local youngsters screaming and causing trouble, just walk away. Great any day of the week, sunset to 2am.
No image
Deleted account:
5 out of 5 16 Apr 2010
hi im 16 slim over by the big tree from 6 to 10 ok 9 inch cock if u want me
No image
Deleted account:
4 out of 5 13 Apr 2010
do ppl still go there? i d come lol. let me know!
No image
Deleted account:
3 out of 5 22 Jan 2008
The most safe place to have sex, most of them meee

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