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Available to download or to rent/buy on DVD from 15th September 2008

Winner of numerous awards, including the coveted Critics’ Week Grand Prize at Cannes and the Best New Director Award at Edinburgh, the much lauded XXY will make its DVD debut on September 15. The first film of Argentinian writer/director Lucia Puenzo, XXY will be available to rent/buy or download through Petit Péché (A division of Peccadillo Pictures).

On the face of things, sixteen year old Alex (Ines Efron) is a typical teenager: in trouble at school, defying her parents and exploring her sexuality. But it soon becomes apparent that Alex has an additional emotional problem to contend with – although she appears female to look at, Alex was born a hermaphrodite.

Her family have moved to a remote fishing village in Uruguay to protect her but, as she begins to develop sexually, they find themselves faced with some difficult choices. Years of taking tablets to control her condition are beginning to take their toll, and the time has arrived when they must to decide whether she should have a major operation, and which way it should go.

Things come to a head when Alex’s mother (Valeria Bertuchelli) invites her friend who is also a plastic surgeon skilled in sex change operations to stay, bringing with him his wife and their fifteen year old son. Alex’s father (Ricardo Darin) is initially blissfully unaware of his wife’s hopes of ‘normalising’ their daughter, and as events unfold, the two families come into conflict. Tensions mounts as Alex seeks to explore her confused sexuality with the surgeon’s son Alvaro (Martín Piroyansky), and things reach a crisis point as her condition becomes a matter for scandal in their remote community.

With extraordinary performances by Ines Efron, Ricardo Darin and Martin Piroyanski, XXY is a beautifully observed and moving story that unfolds with countless twists and turns, and will appeal to anyone who likes to seek out films that defy all expectations.

An emotional well written and courageous film – PinkUk

Unexpected and wonderfully thoughtful – The Guardian

A terrific flash of Argentine magic... the twists would delight Almodovar – The Times

The most original coming-of-age drama you'll see this year.' – Empire

The best gender-confusion movie since Boys Don't Cry' – The London Paper

For further information please contact Rabbit Publicity:
Caroline Henshaw: 020 7299 3685/
Amber Elise: 020 7299 3686 /
Running Time: 86 mins approx
Certificate: 15 mins (tbc)
RRP: £17.99
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Widescreen 16x 9 Anamorphic widescreen
Extras Interview with Ines and Martin; Sketches and pictures drawn by Ines and Martin during the shooting of XXY.

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