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Paranormal Finding

Paranormal Finding

Location: Sussex, UK

We are proud to be an LGBTQ+ run group. If you are interested in all things Paranormal then this is the perfect group to get involved with. If you know any destinations that you believe to have Paranormal happenings, contact us today. We are always looking for volunteers to help us on our Investigations, you can do this via our website. We also have an events page worth looking at. So get in touch!

The Paranormal Findings on PinkUk   
Paranormal Finding
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Hidden Away


Following sell out screenings at the BFI Flare, Mikel Rueda’s HIDDEN AWAY will be released on DVD through Matchbox Films on April 27.

Set in the northern Spanish city of Bilbao, HIDDEN AWAY tells the story of the gay relationship between a 14-year-old Spaniard and a young immigrant Moroccan boy who runs away to avoid his imminent deportation.

On the outskirts of a big city, 14 year old Ibrahim is alone and disoriented. He has just been informed that he will be deported in two days, and has packed his bags and run away. For different reasons, Rafa, also 14, is feeling persecuted. His friends are all trying to fix him up with his classmate, but she expects far more of him than he can give.

Ibrahim and Rafa’s lives are about to cross in this coming-of-age drama of teenage gay love.

hidden away without guardian

Film Information

DVD Release Date: April 27th 2015
Country of Origin: Spain
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Running Time: 88
Director: Mikel Rueda
Cast: German Alcarazu, Adil Koukouh, Álex Angulo, Moussa Echarif, Elena Irureta, Sergio Kouh
BBFC Rating: 15
Hidden Away is a Spanish drama about two teenage boys who begin a relationship despite their cultural differences.

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