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A Touch of Pink

A Touch of Pink DVD

Available to download or to rent/buy on DVD from 11th February 2008

Playing it straight is about to get complicated in the fabulous screwball comedy A Touch of Pink starring heartthrobs Jimi Mistry and Kyle MacLachlan. A Touch of Pink will be available to buy on DVD for the first time from 11th February 2008. Valentine's Day gifting for your perfect man just got that bit easier

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Alim (Jimi Mistry, THE GURU), is a young Ismaili Canadian, now living in London, who is so caught up in the romance, style and dreams of the old movies that he has adopted the spirit of Cary Grant (Kyle MacLachlan, SEX IN THE CITY, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) as his lifestyle advisor. Whilst Cary freely gossips about his defunct co-stars and offers sartorial tips, Alim is enjoying a hot romance with his new sexy boyfriend Giles (Kristen Holden-Ried, THE TUDORS). But his life of leisure and pleasure begins to unravel when his mother Nuru (Suleka Mathew, MEN IN TREES) shows up. She has come to London to find Alim a proper Ismaili-Muslim girlfriend and to convince him to return to Canada and join the family for his cousin's spectacular wedding. Once in Toronto, Alim's different worlds begin to collide and he has to choose between his fantasy life with Cary, his family and the earthier pleasures of real life with his man.

Paying homage to the Cary Grant and Doris Day movies of the late '50s and early '60s, A Touch of Pink is 'A clever and big hearted screwball comedy' New York Post.

"Funny but intertaining film" -

"A piece of eye candy that's irresistible" - San Francisco Chronicle

"A touch of movie magic" - Hollywood Reporter

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Avril  DVD Available to download or to rent/buy on DVD from 5th May 2008


When Avril is given the chance to explore the world outside her Trappistine convent before taking her vows, she immediately accepts, mostly because she wants to meet her fraternal brother with whom she was separated at birth. An attractive, friendly man offers to give Avril a lift, and the pair eventually come across her brother David, and his boyfriend, Jim, at a beachfront retreat. The unlikely foursome form a tight bond during a secular vacation by the coast, spending their days frolicking in the surf, dancing in the moonlight and getting merry with bottles of calvados. Before long, Avril must return to the lifestyle she left behind, but not before putting attempting to convince her fellow nuns that the world outside is not the fearsome place they had her believe.

Running Time: 93 mins approx Certificate: 15 - RRP: £17.99 Release Date: May 5th 2008 Extras: Making Of, 2 Short Films CATALOG NUMBER: PPD139 .

"A pleasingly peculiar blend of sacred and profane" - Variety

"Beguilingly sly, unexpectedly sensuous" - Neil Young - Jigsaw Lounge

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