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Poppers Sale UK Only

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Poppers Sale UK Only
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Latest news from PinkUk - our newsletter for September 2020

Getting Pink news to you - PinkUk’s newsletter No. 5

FA float in Eastbourne Pride 2019
FA float in Eastbourne Pride 2019  

Wow, it’s been a strange summer for many of us, whether for PinkUk punters or businesses…

Many in the LGBTQ+ communities, who would usually travel and head to LGBTQ+ festivals and holiday places, instead have found (temporarily, necessary) health restrictions intervened with their plans. Whether activists, customers or businesses, we have all had to adapt.

We offer our huge Pink respect to those of you who are opening up your businesses to serve the LGBTQ+ communities but have encountered confusing, ever-changing and mixed messages from governments - at least for those of us living in the UK but likely elsewhere too.

Aside from that, we hope the unusually dry and warm weather in the UK over the spring and summer, and across Europe, has been some compensation. As we approach Autumn/Fall in the northern hemisphere, hopefully we can look forward to clearer and more consistent guidance and opportunities to mix and socialise safely.

Love and huge Pink respect, Dave and team.

We are proud to support the LGBTQ+ communities and in our small way hope we can help.

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Prides/LGBTQ+ events


2020 PinkUk have a total of 454 prides and events in 44 countries.
2021 we now have 44 prides and events in UK for 2021, and have a total of 100 prides and events in 22 countries for 2021.

If you have a venue or a Pride/Event why not add it to PinkUk.

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My goodness what a summer! You can’t do this, but you can do that…. on no you can’t …or can! Lots of that and more confusion was, and still is the theme of this summer. Like many I have particularly been struggling with not having contact with those closed to me and zooming is only “fun” the first few times. After that it became more of a reminder of how much I miss people rather than a good way to stay connected.

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Improvements to PinkUk and Terms and Conditions


Free venues:
Added a gay friendly/Straight flag that displays on venues that are Gay friendly/ Mixed venues.
Removed old dating profiles, that have not been updated since 2016. We are slowly removing profiles that have not been updated in the last two years.
Added advertising space in our newsletter.

Added advertising space in our newsletter.
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Featured Venue

promenade guest house bridlington

Promenade Guest House

The Promenade Guest House is superbly located on the North
Promenade at Bridlington on the Yorkshire coast, just 75 yards (69m) from the beach and a few minutes walk from the town centre. The guest house has been recently refurbished both inside and out to provide a comfortable and relaxed environment.

To receive your discount enter PINKUK when booking on our website minimum 2 nights. 

My coming out story by Dave Walsh, founder of PinkUk

My comming out story

Everyone's coming out story is different. Some find it easy and some found it hard. I would put mine in the hard department, and is somewhat different to most people.

I used to be quite homophobic and had a very butch life. Coming out to me was not telling other people but admitting to myself that I was gay. I had a very serious climbing incident on the Bonatti Pillar in the French Alps, that made me re-look at life. I thought no way was I going to live. I had two ways to die, so I and gave myself 24 hours to choose which option to take and how to die, after being stuck alone 4,000 metres up a mountain for six days, four days without food and water.
Here is my story

Did you know? #1

Gay couple

That research shows gay men are having less sex in the Pandemic?  According to US-based online magazine Queerty, an Australian research study shows that gay men say they are having 12 times less sex than before the pandemic. While it is good that people are taking health prevention measures for themselves and the wider population, something tell us that what people say they do and what they really do doesn’t always match up! We hope that whatever they chose to do  they take into account their own health and others’.

Did you know? #2

British empire

Around two thirds or 47 of the 70 countries that belonged to the British Empire still outlaw same-sex relationships?  Lyric Fergusson, a travel journalist said, “A whopping 47 of the 70 countries that have illegal same-sex relationships were part of the British Empire. That is 67%!” says Fergusson. “This isn’t a coincidence. In almost all cases, the laws outlawing consensual gay sex were put into place under British rule and were left in place following independence.”

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