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Wisley Cruising Ground

Wisley Cruising Ground
Cat: Gay Cruising

Cnr A3 and M25
Wisley, Surrey

Views: 16,089 Since 19 Jan 2012
Reviews: 5 5 Star Rating: Recommended
Updated: 19 Jan 2012
Gay Surrey

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South west side of M25. Entrance off A3 South about 100yds after M25. Drive up the on ramp to A3 SouthWest, you'll see layby and just after a small road to carpark and cafe near big wooded area. Hot lunchtimes late afternoons. Loads cock and arse. All sorts of guys.

Address: Wisley Cruising Ground, Cnr A3 and M25, Wisley, Surrey,

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5 out of 5 11 Jul 2018
Very hot evening. Lots of men with tops off. A bit sweaty, but got with two guys in the bushes. Great action with several guys watching. Afterwards found naked young guy in his car and we did it in full view of car park. Best fuck for ages.
5 out of 5 23 Sep 2017
been to wisley twice now,met two nice guys first guy only played for a little while as i find it difficult to get hard before going on his way,but was very helpful with information about what not to do as regards times not to come.Second guy let me wank his beautiful cock to completion,complimented me on my long nipples .i would have liked to have sucked his cock but he said no ,so just a wank today,but i,ll be back to find some more mature gentlemen who like to be wanked maybe two or three at a time as i,ve very little experience at present
4 out of 5 11 Jun 2017
this place was incredibly busy with mainly young men also some dogging going on, I prefer older gents to fuck my arse so if there are any out there that want to meet contact me with your desires at '' anything will be considered, as I was leaving this place the police were arriving but they would need a lot of police to stop all that cruising.
5 out of 5 02 Dec 2014
I visited here one evening to see what it was like. I wasn't disappointed. As soon as i got out of the car an old guy walked up to me with a huge cock hanging out of his trousers. He just wanted to show it to me then walked of into the darkness. I waked round and a lot of the cars had people in. some had a little light on i could see in. I stopped at a taxi and the guy inside was wanking. I put bar bum against the window and he wound it down a little and said "get in". It was that simple. Straight away i got his cock in my mouth and started slurping away until he was rock hard and i slipped a condom on him. I turned round to face the window. Pulled my jogging bottoms down and he slipped in and hammered me. Aa soon as he cam i took off his condom licked him clean and gave him a tissue. I said thanks and got out. Amazing. I walked to the back of the cafe and a young man walked up and stared wanking me. i pulled down my joggers to make it easier for him but another old man came up behind me and started pushing his cock against my arse. I handed him a condom and he put it on and was into me. Fucking me like a maniac while the you guy was sucking me. The old guy cam and so did i. I thought that was enough for one night. Cant recommend this venue enough. Love it
No image
Deleted account:
4 out of 5 14 Feb 2010
here today at about 8-9pm. 31 yr old squaddie looking for fun. athletic body gud looking. looking for cock and arse

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