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Surrey Gay cruising Grounds

Gay cruisings in Caterham Hill, Croydon, Epsom, Ockham, Seale, Wisley, Woking, Surrey

gay cruising grounds in Caterham Hill

A22 Truck Layby Caterham Hill
gay venue A22 Truck Layby  Gay Cruising
A22 layby just before J6 M25
Caterham Hill
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Fantastic layby just before junction 6 of the M25 coming from caterham.Very very popular with leathered up biker types. Good any time day or night with cottages and trees to roam.Great for biker fans and truck drivers

gay cruising grounds in Croydon

Shirlry Hills Croydon
gay venue Shirlry Hills  Gay Cruising
Junction Coombe Lane, Oaks Road
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This has been a popular area for many years in Croydon. The recent Tram Link put a stop to its popularity for quite a while, but now the car park and extensive woods are now busy again.Safe and discreet attracts a goodly number of married guys. Activities go on night and day with the local police keeping a friendly eye on the comings and goings!!

gay cruising grounds in Epsom

Epsom Common Epsom
gay venue Epsom Common  Gay Cruising
Car Park & Woods, Rushett Lane, B280
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Daytime - Epsom Common Car Park and woods in Rushett Lane B280. Quite quiet these days after the undergrowth was removed but as the summer comes on the bracken provides plenty of cover. There are a number of older diehards who are gagging for it. Some dog walkers and Park Rangers visit regularly but I haven’t seen them get them get out of their vehicles. If it gets too hot the polices do make their presence felt.

gay cruising grounds in Ockham

Ockham Common Ockham
gay venue Ockham Common  Gay Cruising
Ockham common, Jt 10 M25 slip road to A3 southbound
display reviews for 'Ockham Common' 1 reviews
Lay by on the slip road to the A3 from jt 10 of M25. Park on the slip road or in near by car park. Walk up into woods for cruising. Police drive by but take no action. Daytime & night time

gay cruising grounds in Seale

A31 Hogs Back Seale
gay venue A31 Hogs Back  Gay Cruising
GU10 1HQ
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The A31 off the A3 at the Hogs Back in Seale is good for heavy cruising without any hassel from the local police. Park up in the car park amongst the loories, follow the steps down towards the Hogs Back Cafe and venture into the woods where there's always some action.

gay cruising grounds in Wisley

Wisley Cruising Ground Wisley
gay venue Wisley Cruising Ground  Gay Cruising
Cnr A3 and M25
display reviews for 'Wisley Cruising Ground' 1 reviews
South west side of M25. Entrance off A3 South about 100yds after M25. Drive up the on ramp to A3 SouthWest, you'll see layby and just after a small road to carpark and cafe near big wooded area. Hot lunchtimes late afternoons. Loads cock and arse. All sorts of guys.

gay cruising grounds in Woking

Horsel Common Woking
gay venue Horsel Common  Gay Cruising
Just off the six crossroads
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Just off the 6 crossroads on the road to Woking horsel commmon is on your right. Theres a huge unlit car park, then walk into the woods. Not patrolled by anyone at the time of this listing. Best for late evening meets, with plenty of undergrowth and secluded areas.