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Midlands Gay cruising Grounds

Gay cruisings in Birmingham, Coventry, Redditch, Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, West Bromwitch, Wolverhampton, Midlands

gay cruising grounds in Birmingham

The Canal Birmingham
gay venue The Canal  Gay Cruising
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The Canal. Access gained via the steps down fom Livery Street, next to Subway City. Cruising takes place for a few hundred yards either side of the bottom of the staircase, action is usually under the unlit tunnels and takes place after dusk & especially when the clubs turn out. Busiest on Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday night/morning. Contrary to common belief, the police rarely visit the canal these days & if they do it's usually for our protection, not usually hassling cruisers. The […]

gay cruising grounds in Coventry

Allard way Coventry
gay venue Allard way  Gay Cruising
Allard way
display reviews for 'Allard way' 0 reviews
By the bridge on allard way go through a few trees then there a big field quiet and secluded ideal place to meet

Hersall common Coventry
gay venue Hersall common  Gay Cruising
Hersall common
display reviews for 'Hersall common' 0 reviews
Great area for cruising , loads of guys picking each other up by the bike track and having loads of fun in the wooded areas . Very secluded

gay cruising grounds in Redditch

Arrow Valley Lake Redditch
gay venue Arrow Valley Lake  Gay Cruising
Arrow Valley Lake
B98 0NE
display reviews for 'Arrow Valley Lake' 1 reviews
Top car park and car park off island. A very good place for cruizing and cottaging. Lots of man action going on between the hours of 7pm till 11pm. Good place for cottaging and cruising. Very little police presence maybe once a month. lots of men down their, very good and also nice and quiet lots of places to go for a good seeing too.

gay cruising grounds in Sutton Coldfield

Sutton Coldfield Toilets Sutton Coldfield
gay venue Sutton Coldfield Toilets  Gay Cruising
Sutton Coldfield Shopping Centre
Sutton Coldfield
display reviews for 'Sutton Coldfield Toilets' 0 reviews
Some good action lots of young lads from local college open 9-5

Sutton Park Boldmere Gate Sutton Coldfield
gay venue Sutton Park Boldmere Gate  Gay Cruising
Sutton Park Boldmere Gate
Sutton Coldfield
display reviews for 'Sutton Park Boldmere Gate' 8 reviews
Boldmere gate, as you go through the gate carry on past the fair and about half way up there are three lay by's on your left, the woods opposite is where the action happenes. Best in the week 5pm onwards.

gay cruising grounds in Tamworth

Tamworth Tamworth
mexed venue Tamworth  Mixed Cruising
A4091, Middleton
display reviews for 'Tamworth' 2 reviews
Come along the A4091 from the Belfry hotel, J9 M42 area. Through the speed camera, throught the twisting road, as you leave this, road goes into dual carriage way. House on the left then before the right hand bend lay by on your left. Drive in. Car fun mostly with the occasional jump into the field. Doggers occasionaly too. Great place to have some fun on your way home.!!!!!

gay cruising grounds in West Bromwitch

Sandwell Vally West Bromwitch
gay venue Sandwell Vally  Gay Cruising
Ssandwell Vally Nature Park
West Bromwitch
display reviews for 'Sandwell Vally' 3 reviews
The park is a cruising area, on the edge of coventry city centre, 2mins walk from the bus station,usually as it gets dark. there is a small park there and benches arround the lake, there are a couple of discreet places behind the shrubery once youve picked someone up. some people go off to more secluded areas outside of the park for intimacy. you are not usually bothered by the police, whilst there use the same amount of caution as you would anywhere, as not all people walking through the park […]

gay cruising grounds in Wolverhampton

Bridle Path Wolverhampton
gay venue Bridle Path  Gay Cruising
Stafford Road
display reviews for 'Bridle Path' 0 reviews
Mixed Gay Outside cruising up Bridle Path tree and bush lined better late evening. Along the Stafford Road to Coven Heath turn left down BALL LANE follow the lane down over the canal bridge to bottom of Lane past the water works Bridle Path on the Left at bottom of lane have fun