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London Gay cruising Grounds

Gay cruisings in Ashington, Barnet, Camden, Clacket Lne, Dartford, Finsbury Park, Greenwich, Hackney, Islington, London, London bridge, Mile End, Oxleas Meadows, Perivale, Richmond, St. Pauls, Streatham, Sunbury, Tottenham, Victoria, Walton, Wansworth, Watford, Wembley, West Drayton, Westminster, London

gay cruising grounds in Ashington

Steakford Car park Ashington
gay venue Steakford Car park  Gay Cruising
display reviews for 'Steakford Car park' 0 reviews
Car Park on right before river. Toilet block and woods. Take your pick. Day and night activity.

gay cruising grounds in Barnet

Scratchwood Open Space Barnet
gay venue Scratchwood Open Space  Gay Cruising
A1 northbound,
display reviews for 'Scratchwood Open Space' 6 reviews
Open 24-7, 365 days. Cruisy car-park off A1 travelling towards Herts from Barnet/Edgware. Action by all ages

gay cruising grounds in Camden

Birkbeck University of London Camden
mexed venue Birkbeck University of London  Mixed Cruising
Malet Street
display reviews for 'Birkbeck University of London' 0 reviews
Mixed Once you enter the main building in Malet Street, go downstairs.. 3 cubicles with peepholes between them, and 3 urinals.. mixed crowd, mostly students.

gay cruising grounds in Clacket Lne

Clacket Lne Services west bound Clacket Lne
gay venue Clacket Lne Services west bound  Gay Cruising
Clacket Lne
TN16 2ER
display reviews for 'Clacket Lne Services west bound' 0 reviews
GAY Clacket Lane Services ( west bound ) At the bck of the car prk by the woods... to get noticed flash your intirior lights so that people know your up for a bit of fun

gay cruising grounds in Dartford

Dartford Heath Dartford
gay venue Dartford Heath  Gay Cruising
Rochester Way
display reviews for 'Dartford Heath' 3 reviews
Turn off A2 at dartford junction, head towards dartford, then at first roundabout turn left. Exelent daytime crusing, good mix of men, well secluded, take extra care at night. All year round venue.

gay cruising grounds in Finsbury Park

Abney Cementery Finsbury Park
gay venue Abney Cementery  Gay Cruising
Stoke Newington Hight St, London
Finsbury Park
display reviews for 'Abney Cementery' 1 reviews
Old beautiful victorian cemetery. In winter this place closes early around 4pm/5pm. Lots of action though with nice guys. Be aware that there are sometimes police officers in plain clothes.

Clissold Park Finsbury Park
gay venue Clissold Park  Gay Cruising
Church Street/Green Lanes, London
Finsbury Park
display reviews for 'Clissold Park' 1 reviews
Toilet in the Park, next to the tearoom.

gay cruising grounds in Greenwich

Blackheath Heath Greenwich
gay venue Blackheath Heath  Gay Cruising
Vanbrugh park, Charlton Way, Blackheath Village
display reviews for 'Blackheath Heath' 5 reviews
At the end of greenwich park opposite the road Is the begining of the heath. It is covered with bush. When it starts to get dark, the guys cum out. You will find guys in there teens down to the oldies. It is safe never had any problems here.

gay cruising grounds in Greenwich

Ecological Park Greenwich
gay venue Ecological Park  Gay Cruising
Stave Hill Ecological Park, Rotherhithe, London
display reviews for 'Ecological Park' 27 reviews
Cruisy park in the heart of the Rotherhithe peninsula. About five minutes walk from Canada Water tube. The entrance is close to the hill, with most action near the windmill. Day and night.

Greenwich toilets Greenwich
gay venue Greenwich toilets  Gay Cruising
King Williams Walk, Greenwich Center
display reviews for 'Greenwich toilets' 1 reviews
The toilets are next to the hotel on the King William street. Alot of tourist... be discreet but have you fun... All ages.

gay cruising grounds in Hackney

Waltham, Stow Marshes Hackney
gay venue Waltham, Stow Marshes  Gay Cruising
Walthamstow Marshes
E5 9GZ
display reviews for 'Waltham, Stow Marshes' 0 reviews
Gay Run Walthamstow Marshes - Triangle of ground in between railway lines. Best access from Leabridge Road from Ice Rink along raised path then under railway bridge through gate into "Reserve" Cruising and Nude Sunbathing (weather permitting)

gay cruising grounds in Islington

Highbury Fields Islington
gay venue Highbury Fields  Gay Cruising
Islington, London
display reviews for 'Highbury Fields' 0 reviews
Gay Cruising area

St James's Churchyard Islington
gay venue St James's Churchyard  Gay Cruising
Sekforde Street, Clerkenwell
display reviews for 'St James's Churchyard' 8 reviews
Gay Opens 6 am closes 8 pm lots of cover the best times around midnite the only problem is climb the fence but its worth it!

gay cruising grounds in London

Barnes Common London
gay venue Barnes Common  Gay Cruising
Barnes Common, London
display reviews for 'Barnes Common' 5 reviews
The woods at the back of the car park containing the recycling tanks are very cruisy after dark and sometimes during the afternoon too, especially in summer. The car park is accessed via a small slip road at the north of the common to the right from the main road that leads from Barnes Station towards Hammersmith Bridge. It's very safe but be careful of the gravestones!

Beaulieu Heights London
gay venue Beaulieu Heights  Gay Cruising
Beulah Heights, London
display reviews for 'Beaulieu Heights' 7 reviews
Just before you start to go down South Norwood Hill from Upper Norwood, entrance to Beulah Heights is on left. Busy both day and after dark. Less busy after midnight. Crusing very good, mixed men, busy and out of the way once you find the area near the TV mast.

Brompton Cemetery London
gay venue Brompton Cemetery  Gay Cruising
Earls Court, Brompton Cemetery, London
display reviews for 'Brompton Cemetery' 2 reviews
This is a Victorian Cemetery, where guys walk along the arches and almost cruise you to death, especially on sunny days. Traditionally, I think it is best to meet someone there and take them away. National Park police heavily patrol the area on foot and, at times, mount a sting operation

Clapham Common London
gay venue Clapham Common  Gay Cruising
Clapham Common, London
display reviews for 'Clapham Common' 3 reviews
Lots of cruising after dark on the west side of the common near to the south circular road in the wooded area. Very popular and safer than it used to be. No hassle from police. A bit too open for some and becomes an army assault course after heavy rain!

Eagle Pond London
gay venue Eagle Pond  Gay Cruising
Epping Forest, Snaresbrook Road, London
E11 1PQ
display reviews for 'Eagle Pond' 5 reviews
Busy cruising area all year round, only 5 mins walk from Snaresbrook tube. Part of oldest woodland in Britain. Areas for cars to park, but do not park on verges as you will get a ticket. All age groups. Cruising area to the West of Eagle Pond.

Finsbury Park London
gay venue Finsbury Park  Gay Cruising
Finsbury Park, London
display reviews for 'Finsbury Park' 6 reviews
Finsbury Park.

Ham Common London
gay venue Ham Common  Gay Cruising
Ham House, London
display reviews for 'Ham Common' 6 reviews
Very cruisy! Lots of sex in the woods and nude sunbathing in the summer. Parking is ample next to the river Thames and very safe and discrete.

Hampstead Heath London
gay venue Hampstead Heath  Gay Cruising
Hampstead Heath (West), London
display reviews for 'Hampstead Heath' 11 reviews
This has been the busiest & most popular Gay Cruising ground in London, if not the world. It is located just up the hill from Hampstead Tube Station on the Edgware Branch of the Northern Line. The Main entrance onto the Gay West Heath is from behind the appartments 'Jack Straws Castle'. Very handy if you can't find it because you just have to ask for the Pub. Everyone knows it. It is also the Safest Cruising Ground I know. The Police know what goes on there and are happy to […]

Hyde Park London
gay venue Hyde Park  Gay Cruising
Hyde Park, (Southeast), London
display reviews for 'Hyde Park' 7 reviews
Southeast corner of Hyde Park in the Rose Garden A lot of cruising and people making their way into the wooded area nearby. Also, across the street from the park and in front of the Lanesborough Hotel is a public toilet open until 11pm which has a lot of activity.

King Square Gardens London
gay venue King Square Gardens  Gay Cruising
Lever Street, London
display reviews for 'King Square Gardens' 3 reviews
Small wall to jump thats it. Loads of action behind park keepers office. Beware of teens though. They dont bother you if you dont bother them. Its very safe loads of light and cover at night.

Liverpool Street Station London
gay venue Liverpool Street Station  Gay Cruising
Shoreditch, London
display reviews for 'Liverpool Street Station' 8 reviews
Hundreds of people pass through this busy railway station every day, but not all the people who go there need to catch a train! There's a lot of cottaging in the toilets between 4pm and 7:30pm during the week, though this can vary. It is quite easy to stay in the toilets for ages without being noticed by the cleaners, by hiding in one of the cubicles. Having said that, the cleaners take a relaxed attitude to all this even though they know exactly what's going on! It's a popular […]

Norwood Park London
gay venue Norwood Park  Gay Cruising
Finch avenue, West Norwood, London
display reviews for 'Norwood Park' 0 reviews
Around 6 or 7pm a few lads about. Walk through little car park at the end of finch avenue follow path round and there is a long path next to field very dark some horny lads seen. Usually they cough when they walk past u if they want something.

St James Street Car Park London
gay venue St James Street Car Park  Gay Cruising
S James Street Walthamstow, London
display reviews for 'St James Street Car Park' 2 reviews
Toilets in car park good most of the time, closed sundays

Streatham Common London
gay venue Streatham Common  Gay Cruising
Streatham Common, London
display reviews for 'Streatham Common' 2 reviews
Still a popular cruising area at top of the common along the path by the car park. Best after dark. You must be on your guard here though as there have been a spate of attacks and robbery's, though it is safe most of the time.

Sutcliffe Park London
gay venue Sutcliffe Park  Gay Cruising
Sutcliffe Park Eltham Road, Eltham
SE 9
display reviews for 'Sutcliffe Park' 0 reviews
Great park great for day time meeting mature men with sex on the mind. But no activity on site

Wandsworth Common London
gay venue Wandsworth Common  Gay Cruising
Wandsworth, London
display reviews for 'Wandsworth Common' 4 reviews
Toilets behind bowling green - lots of action after 5pm!

Woolwich common London
gay venue Woolwich common  Gay Cruising
Woolwich Common, Woolwich, London
display reviews for 'Woolwich common' 4 reviews
To find woolwich common it is sandwitched between Stadium road (Queen elizabeth Hospital) ha ha road. The begining of the common is flat field with grass. Walk up to where there are trees and bushes further up on the common, best to get there from the Royal military academy side of the road. Cruising starts in the evening, be discreet, all sort of guys go here

gay cruising grounds in London bridge

London bridge London bridge
gay venue London bridge  Gay Cruising
London Bridge train station
London bridge
display reviews for 'London bridge' 3 reviews
london bridge station, platform 1, after 6pm, mens in suits wanking and sometimes sucking each others cocks, u can find sometimes good and bad huge cocks...be careful, but people already knows that gays likes this platform...

gay cruising grounds in Mile End

East cemetery Mile End Mile End
gay venue East cemetery Mile End  Gay Cruising
Southern Grove
Mile End
E3 4PX
display reviews for 'East cemetery Mile End' 2 reviews
Gay Run East london cemetery benhind the Mile end estation. is very nice place for cruising, during the day and during the night very safe. I always go there the have fun. Maps and Travel The Cemetery Park is located in the heart of East London with good transport links. The main gate is situated in Southern Grove, E3, with the Soanes Centre just inside on the right. The nearest Underground station is Mile End on the Central, District, and Hammersmith and City lines. […]

Mile End Park Mile End
gay venue Mile End Park  Gay Cruising
Mile End, London
Mile End
display reviews for 'Mile End Park' 4 reviews
Near the junction of Burdett road and Bow common lane set back behind the pizza place most of the action takes place in the wooded area and further down towards the football pitch. Best time is between 11pm and 1am. If you are patient it can be very rewarding but be very alert also there is cctv which has night time vision but just keep out of the line of view.

gay cruising grounds in Oxleas Meadows

Oxleas  Wood Oxleas Meadows
gay venue Oxleas Wood  Gay Cruising
Just off shooters hill
Oxleas Meadows
SE18 3RR
display reviews for 'Oxleas  Wood' 2 reviews
Enter the car park on yout left is a dirt car park and to the left of that is the crusing woods. The car park is closed after 6pm and the woods are quiet, this is the perfect time for the boys to come on down more so now its warm, all ages visit.

gay cruising grounds in Perivale

Perivale, London Perivale
gay venue Perivale, London  Gay Cruising
Horsendon hill
display reviews for 'Perivale, London' 1 reviews
Horsendon hill, very cruisy in day time and pleanty goings on during fine days. v safe turn right at Perivale station 300 yards.

gay cruising grounds in Richmond

Richmond toliets Richmond
gay venue Richmond toliets  Gay Cruising
Richmond Waitrose outside
display reviews for 'Richmond toliets' 3 reviews
Lots of play

gay cruising grounds in St. Pauls

1 New Change St. Pauls
gay venue 1 New Change  Gay Cruising
1 New Change
St. Pauls
display reviews for '1 New Change' 0 reviews
Amazing cruisy toilets, very little security. Designed to reflect cocks in glass wall panels - visible when wanking at stalls, and also from basins. Mostly businessmen and their younger fans. 2 toilets one in basement quiter near entrance to M&S other 3 rd floor - larger 5 stalls and long open urinal. Best lunch times and until 5 pm .

gay cruising grounds in Streatham

Tooting Bec Common Streatham
gay venue Tooting Bec Common  Gay Cruising
Between Tooting, Streatham and Balham
display reviews for 'Tooting Bec Common' 2 reviews
Cruisy area off Bedford Hill past the bridge on the right going towards Balham. Cruising ground after 5/6pm, often very busy, not only by gay, but straight blokes looking for fun. Plenty of bushes and trees to hide and have a more private one.

gay cruising grounds in Sunbury

Sunbury Sunbury
gay venue Sunbury  Gay Cruising
M3/A316 Lay-bye After Sunbury turn off East Bound
display reviews for 'Sunbury' 1 reviews
East bound on the A316 (as the M3 turns into the dual carriage way, towards twickenham). Befor the waterworks and ust past the sunbury junction there is a large truck laybye (with info on congestion charge). Cruisy area just at the entrance to the lay-bye is a hole in the fence to a wooded area. There is a camera on the laybye but its put there to protect rather than observe. Lots of action in the woods, all ages from guys on there way home from work. Action all day and after 10-00pm, good at 5 […]

gay cruising grounds in Tottenham

Seven Sisters Public Toilets Tottenham
mexed venue Seven Sisters Public Toilets  Mixed Cruising
Seven Sisters Road
N15 5BT
display reviews for 'Seven Sisters Public Toilets' 0 reviews
Very Gay Friendly Free Public Toilets which used to be a heavy cruising ground but closed for sometime is now open again. Right next to Seven Sisters Road bus stop, the toilets is on an open road but hardly no one goes in except for cruisers (about 90% are there for cruising). People range from randy teenagers to matures looking fore mutual wanks and even more. The area is culturally diverse, so you can guarantee variety. Best times to go is during the […]

gay cruising grounds in Victoria

Victoria Train Station Toilets Victoria
gay venue Victoria Train Station Toilets  Gay Cruising
Victoria Train Station Toilets, London
display reviews for 'Victoria Train Station Toilets' 1 reviews
All the time, lots of action.

gay cruising grounds in Walton

Desborough Island Walton
gay venue Desborough Island  Gay Cruising
Walton Lane, Walton, by Waterworks
display reviews for 'Desborough Island' 0 reviews
Very busy crusing ground, drive past water works then park on right walk up onto mound for plenty of action, or move on to next car park on lane. Lots of dog walkers during the day best around dusk. Nice mix of men quite friendly and feels safe. I have never seen police but as with anyware stay alert.

gay cruising grounds in Wansworth

Wormwood Scubs Common Wansworth
gay venue Wormwood Scubs Common  Gay Cruising
East Acton, London
display reviews for 'Wormwood Scubs Common' 0 reviews
Very cruisy in the summer during the day and can also during the winter.

gay cruising grounds in Watford

Bushey Watford
gay venue Bushey  Gay Cruising
WD23 2NG
display reviews for 'Bushey' 0 reviews
Gay local gay male criusing areas

gay cruising grounds in Wembley

Dollis Hill Toilets Wembley
gay venue Dollis Hill Toilets  Gay Cruising
Dollis Hill Underground
display reviews for 'Dollis Hill Toilets' 1 reviews
A lot of activity in the Toilets after 6.30pm.

gay cruising grounds in West Drayton

Heathrow West Drayton
gay venue Heathrow  Gay Cruising
Money lane
West Drayton
display reviews for 'Heathrow' 0 reviews
Suck n blow as you go

Park west ally way /bike sheds West Drayton
gay venue Park west ally way /bike sheds  Gay Cruising
Park lodge avenue
West Drayton
display reviews for 'Park west ally way /bike sheds' 0 reviews
Very Gay Friendly Park west is a little complex of apartments and a lot of gay / bi men live on there always fun join grindr and just see how many are just feet away always up for fun. The bike sheds are clean tidy and lots of room for any thing you have in mind

gay cruising grounds in Westminster

Great Marlborough public toilet Westminster
gay venue Great Marlborough public toilet  Gay Cruising
Carnaby Street / Great Marlborough Street
display reviews for 'Great Marlborough public toilet' 1 reviews
Very Gay Friendly The best place for gay cruising. five urinals four cubical. Go to one of the urinals. take your cock out, pretend to be peeing. play with your cock and make it hard. have a look around and over your shoulders every now and then. the other cruisers will do the same. make eye contact. if you are interested, flash them your cock or wink at them. you can give or take BJ strait away. Watch out for the attendants. The best time is evening, as the attendants are […]