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South Wales Gay cruising Grounds

Gay cruisings in Camborne, Cardiff, Cwmbran, Fairwater, Merthyr Tydfil, Newport, Penarth, Rhondda, Swansea, South Wales

gay cruising grounds in Camborne

Par Woods Camborne
gay venue Par Woods  Gay Cruising
At rear of Par Beach, between HGV road and the river
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This is a good cruising ground most of the year, action takes place at the back of the woods that abut the HGV Road. There are some dog walkers during the day, but at night it is quite safe. During the summer the Beach has a lot of people staying at the caravan park

gay cruising grounds in Cardiff

Bute Park Cardiff
gay venue Bute Park  Gay Cruising
display reviews for 'Bute Park' 1 reviews
Top end of Bute Park (otherwise know as the Castle Grounds) is a gay crusing area. Follow toe path along River Taff leading to the weir and bridge running over it at the top end of park.

Cardiff Gate Services M4 Cardiff
gay venue Cardiff Gate Services M4  Gay Cruising
display reviews for 'Cardiff Gate Services M4' 5 reviews
Cardiff Gate Services on the M4 are really great for cruising for gay sex. I have been there at various times during the day and evening, but after work and weekends it is really good. You won't have to wait long to suck a cock or get fucked. One of the cubicles has a glory hole which makes things a little safer. You sometimes see the regulars, but more often than not you can have some sex fun with a nice young or old sales guy passing through. Have fun.

gay cruising grounds in Cwmbran

Cwmbran Bus Station Toilets Cwmbran
gay venue Cwmbran Bus Station Toilets  Gay Cruising
Cwmbran Bus Station
NP44 1PB
display reviews for 'Cwmbran Bus Station Toilets' 0 reviews
Mixed Cwmbran Bus Station Toilets, Always Fun Going On In The Cubicles. Just Sit & Wait, Use To Have Gloryhole But Is Now Covered Up

Sor Brook Picnic area Cwmbran
gay venue Sor Brook Picnic area  Gay Cruising

NP44 2HG
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Gay Run Difficult to find first time, but when found, just park up.You will soon see men walking up into the bushes/woods. very discreet but plenty of action.

gay cruising grounds in Fairwater

Fairwater Leisure Centre Fairwater
gay venue Fairwater Leisure Centre  Gay Cruising

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Gay Run This site is a very good site for cruising extensive woods behind the leisure centre. The car park is good for discrete fun. This site can only be used from 11pm at night to about 5am in the morning. Unless you go in the woods behind the leisure centre it can be used all day long. This is a very popular cruising ground

gay cruising grounds in Merthyr Tydfil

Gethin Woods Merthyr Tydfil
gay venue Gethin Woods  Gay Cruising
Merthyr Tydfil
Merthyr Tydfil
CF48 4BD
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Cruising spot full of business men and others passing through

gay cruising grounds in Newport

Market toilets Newport
gay venue Market toilets  Gay Cruising

display reviews for 'Market toilets' 0 reviews
The public toilets by the Market in Newport, Gwent is always packed with lots of people looking for cock fun been there a few time and there's always action happening. Mixed people going in there, older mainly but there are sometimes a few younger blokes there. You do sometimes get the odd bus driver walking in but 1 or 2 r in2 it so go along you won't have a long wait enjoy x

a449 to Monmouth Newport
mexed venue a449 to Monmouth  Mixed Cruising
A449 heading from Newpot
display reviews for 'a449 to Monmouth' 2 reviews
Picnic area toilets now knocked down but still lots of action on either side.TVs/gay and bi and some mixed dogging.

gay cruising grounds in Penarth

Albert Road toilet Penarth
gay venue Albert Road toilet  Gay Cruising
28 Albert Road
CF64 1BX
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Gay Run

gay cruising grounds in Rhondda

Ralbot road Toilet Rhondda
gay venue Ralbot road Toilet  Gay Cruising
Talbot Green / Rhondda Cynon Taff
CF72 8GL
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Gay run toilet. Small. Pretty. Discrete.

gay cruising grounds in Swansea

Jersey Marine Beach Swansea
gay venue Jersey Marine Beach  Gay Cruising
display reviews for 'Jersey Marine Beach' 0 reviews
Swansea opposite old Ford factory, Good in summer

Swansea Bus Station Toilets Swansea
gay venue Swansea Bus Station Toilets  Gay Cruising
Swansea Bus Station
display reviews for 'Swansea Bus Station Toilets' 1 reviews
Wild here get in a cube and look under the gap to the cubes nextdoor, sucking, wanking, fingering holes, everything but fucking goes on here, very busy all the time.

Swansea Shore Swansea
gay venue Swansea Shore  Gay Cruising
Opposite Uni
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This area is opposite to the University but further up the shore side of the Oystermouth Road, mainly around the bridge that crosses the cycle and running path that runs on this side of the road.