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Gay slang dictionary

This is the Gay Dictionary, if you have any words that you can add let us know
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B & D
Bondage and discipline A milder form of S&M that involves one partner being at least constrained

Baby Dyke
A young or inexperienced lesbian, particularly of high school or college age

Ball kids
An underground dance movement started by gay youth.

The practice of having anal sex without using a condom As in skin-to-skin sex or raw sex

A man's crotch

An extremely hairy man

The significate other half of a person of the opposite sex who is gay, a beard is used to make the world think the gay partner is straight. Sometimes the beard knows they are a beard sometime they are being decieved.

Buffed men

Black-eyed peas
Asion term for blacks who only like blacks.

Gay, referring mostly to males

Bog Queen
A gay man who frequents public toilets for sex

Bone Smuggler
A American word for drag Queen

The passive or submissive partner in anal intercourse

A derogatory term for heterosexuals, especially for those who glorify childbearing

A Chicken that is passed it (been out on the scene to long)

Some on who is into deficatation

Bull Dyke
Frightening ominous lesbian.

An extremely butch lesbian

Bungie Boy
Straight-acting, but gay or bi-boy

Bunker Shy
A young man who fears being forced into homosexual sex Derivation from a 19th century prison term