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Coming Out

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Coming Out


My name is Spencer Cooper. I am currently studying Journalism in London and hope to produce an online platform that tells coming out stories from all walks of life. Positive, Negative, any shared experience would be amazing to listen to and to write up. I aim to make this as safe as possible by keeping participants anonymous if they so wish.

So... Please comment below, email me at and we can talk.

Many Thanks.

07 Nov 2017 16:56



RE: Coming Out

Hi my name is Walter, i am 51, i only just discovereing the gay scene, i have never done anything about it in all these years, i work in construction, (carpenter/handyman) I havent come out yet for reasons being the aggro i would expect to get in the trade i am in, i dont know what else to say really but its ok , ive never heard of pubs or clubs where gay construction workers go, even if i did i would be very weary, thanks

08 Nov 2017 08:43

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