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Gosport area

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Strictly no selling of Medication, and anyone who posts illegal content or counterfeit goods will be reported to the police.

Gosport area

I have never sucked a cock but it is on my "To do" list, I am also willing to kiss and take part in a little light BDSM (also on my list) Because of medication, I cannot get hard but if you have a strap on I would be willing to use it on you...... I will not waste your time, if I agree to meet you, I WILL suck you off. In return I expect the following. A freshly washed and clean cock. Somewhere to go, by which I do not mean, your car, the park or the local toilets, I mean a building designed and being used for human habitation. Oh yes, my arse is out of bounds. ideally you should be between 45 and 60 but not really that big a deal. Please note, I am reliant on public transport

26 Feb 2016 14:17

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