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Hey guys and girls, I'm looking for anyone who wants to chat about NSFF (not safe for facebook) things - for example, I could post on my facebook that I think there's a ridiculously large amount of crotch action going on in a certain razorblade advert and I like it - and that's fine with all my friends and family in a sort of graham norton way. but I can't post - you know what it's like when your balls are really saggy and then you put a cockring on to firm them up and mysteriously, after about 5 hours, all the saggy skin in your ballsack has dissapeared and they're heading back into your pelvis. how the hell did that happen? I can't put something like that on facebook coz its NSFF! anyone else fancy having a chat about anything NSFF!? C'mon - if you say these things on grindr people just think youre trying to hit on them right - wrong! Just want to chat about some NSFF things!!!

06 Jun 2018 05:10

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