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This has got me wondering...

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This has got me wondering... 01 Apr 2017 03:57

Hi all,
Been having thoughts over last few years that has made me sign up to this site just to get everybody's opinion.
I am a straight male, however when I have used cocaine, I get these urges that make me want oral from a man.
When I am not high, these urges don't come to fruition.
When I was younger, I remember going with my Dad to see his friend and his kids got on with my dads friends kids. (as kids do)
However, I remember we used to fool around with eachothers parts. In their family, there were 3 boys and one girl. The eldest boy didn't know about any of this. I remember at the time that the younger boys wanted to touch me and vice versa, I remember thinking I only want this girl.
However, one time I let one of the boys give me oral. Now, obviously, I was just a kid so I didn't climax in any way, I'm just starting to wonder if these acts of experimenting as a child make up for the way I am when I'm high.

I will say for the record, I would like to have a male perform oral on me, sober or not. I couldn't 'return the favor' so to speak, but, when I am high, I actually find myself searching Craigslist for casual gay hookups. And as I'm scrolling through the details in the emails back and forth, the feeling of giving a male oral doesn't seem to be as much of an issue anymore.
I don't find men attractive, I can't say I fancy any male.
I can appreciate a good looking bloke, but I wouldn't be able to think of a man that I would have sex with if I were gay.
Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
(If I have used any words in here that may offend anyone, I do apologise)
Thanks for reading and I hope to speak to some of you soon.

Take Care

R x


Deleted Account

RE: This has got me wondering... 22 Aug 2017 16:23


I'm not a drug user but I'm in the same place.

When I'm turned on - I want to try oral - both giving and receiving so bad.

Just no interest in anal or relationships.

RE: This has got me wondering... 28 Dec 2017 23:44

R, for what it might be worth i get what you are saying completely but I am the other way round if that makes sense. I don't do drugs and never have but I'm heading towards 50 now and have never 'fancied' men but have always wanted to suck cock and to be honest also to be fucked. I have now sucked a few guys off and have to confess I absolutely love it and wish I could do it more regularly. If its something you still want to try you might be able to find a suitable meeting place near you online with like minded people - or if you're ever in Glasgow then message me and I'll be delighted to suck you off ha ha! Good luck and take care

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