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I was just curious

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I was just curious

I was just curious where people buy most of there clothes when they dress up? I just feel like I will run into someone that knows that I don't have a wife or girlfriend and will ask who the clothes are for and it would be hard to explain it. I guess I am not the most confident person when it comes to telling people that I enjoy wearing female clothes, especially undergarments and stuff like that. I am probably not as serious as a cross dresser as some people because I know for a fact that I will never cross dress in public and that I will always do it in the comfort of my own house. Well I am just curious if anyone else has ever had that situation where you had to make up a story of why you were buying the female clothes?

29 Jul 2015 07:03



RE: I was just curious

i have seen a girl she was wearing she was wearing crossdress. she was looking extremely very pretty & so femini . i like it

18 Aug 2015 09:44

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