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Weight weight weight!

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Weight weight weight!

I'm trying (again) to lose weight, Unfortunately it's on the gut and through eating rather than drink. I'm adopting the Paul McKenna approach as there's a lot of sense in the eating slower and therefore less. It's the more active bit that defeats me, I'd consider joining Gym/leisure centre if I had someone to go with or better still to get out and dance. I'm not sporty but definitely must be more active. I don't believe in specific diets that target the stomach area, it's apparently the hardest area to slim down.If there's anyone in the Enfield/Edmonton area in a similar situation and interested in a bit of mutual support, do let me know. Thanks.A.

01 Apr 2011 10:42


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RE: Weight weight weight!

Dear members, Please help complete the questionnaire for my PhD research in the University of Warwick regarding involvement in online community. The University of Warwick based survey link is: Once you have completed the survey, you will be entered into a prize draw to win one of thirty £30 (or US$50) Amazon vouchers. Research findings will be posted at in September 2011 to explain: 1) what make internet users to join online communities, 2) what benefits the communities could gain from them and 3) recommendations about how to run a more successful online community You support is very important to this research! Thank you in advance for your support!

17 Jul 2011 02:56

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