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Help needed against homophobia.

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Help needed against homophobia.

Hello. I would like you all to take a look at the comments made by "Sterne" here: Basically the major of Middlesbrough is proposing a gay quarter in the town, which has been met with disdain from certain pathetic individuals especially this "Sterne". These are but a few of the offensive remarks he's made: - "I am sure this repulsive act was the original cause of Aids, which so devastates the World and is the spreader of other disease. Not surprising really." - "Much of the promiscuous and immoral behaviour that is going on today are passing phenomena that is clearly damaging Society and I believe future generations need to realise that and hopefully will do." - "Homosexuality is a human condition, in my opinion, that is as abnormal as cleft lips or mongolism. To be helped by all means. To "stop it" is as stupid a question as stopping any other mental or physical disorders." I would appreciate it if you could complain to the Evening Gazette about this as the moderators seem to ignore this vile person and allow him to post this offensive rubbish. Thanks.

08 Oct 2007 00:00

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