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Professional London-based male - sperm donor

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Professional London-based male - sperm donor

Hi there! I am an ambitous, handsome, well-educated professional London-based male in his mid-30s. Would like to offer my services to bring a child into the world with a woman of a similar vein/values. This may sound conceited (which I am not) but I believe it would be a shame if I dont pass on the genes I have been blessed with (OMG it really sounds conceited...haha). I would have been a father of a 10-year old child by now but my partner at the time was not in a position to have the baby. I have been asked to be a donor from a few girl-friends when/if the time comes. However, I have a feeling that someone out there needs it to happen to them now! My colour should be immaterial and not the essence. I believe it is important for us all to evolve as human beings both mentally, spiritually and physically and most importantly to give back what we learn/have to others. I care about and look after my health both sexually, mentally, spiritually and physically. I am totally healthy and willing to do any tests you require! Hopefully you are still reading this because you like the fact I am straightforward and sincere, a thinker, wholesome with a big dollop of athlete (ex-athlete), over 6ft, intelligent, evocative, artistic, scientific but and above all have values that you consider are important. xx

03 Aug 2007 00:00

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