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Scandinavian sperm donor

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Scandinavian sperm donor

I am a white male in his mid-thirties who is willing to donate sperm to women/couples. My height is 178 cm/weight 88 kilograms, I have bluegrey eyes, blond hair. I dont smoke and I dont drink alcohol. I have a masters degree and I work in an office in Oslo( the capitol of Norway). I have a good hygiene and I dont have any body art. You can see my pictures at the following homepage: I have for the last three years donated sperm to the local spermbank in Oslo ( the "Rikshospital") and besides that I have donated to women in the whole of Norway(from the far north to Oslo) and I am also for the time being donating to a woman from Copenhagen in Denmark. I am also interested in donating sperm to women from other countries (the Uk and Sweden for example). If you are interested in using me as your donor you must come to Oslo. I can give you good advice about finding places to stay in Oslo that don`t cost too much. I can also try to help you find cheap ways of travelling to Oslo but I think that you have to do much of that job yourself. I am willing to donate a sum of money to help you pay some of the travel costs (I am thinking about maybe 50 pounds but paid in Norwegian currency /it will be about 600,- kroners)(one donation per trip to Norway) I wish to be anonymous as long as the child is under 18 years of age. When the child has become 18 years old I have nothing against the child knowing my identity. I would appreciate to meet the child when it grows up but I would like to be anonymous. 5 women (which I Know of)are today pregnant or have given birth to a child because of my sperm-donations. If you are interested in communuicating with two of them per mail I can give you the emailadresses (they are willing to answer your questions). You can visit my spermdonor homepage: (mainly written in norwegian) If you have any questions please feel free to ask: My mailadress is: Regards from Spermdonor

05 Jul 2007 00:00

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