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The Happy Willy Company

The Happy Willy Company

Location: UK, UK

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Virtual Pride 2020

Virtual Pride 2020
Virtual Pride 2020,
Location: Online
Date: 23 May 2020 12:00 to 23 May 2020 23:59
Town: Online
County: London
Country: UK
Postcode: SW19 2RD

Tel: Online

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Updated: 14 May 2020

Virtual Pride 2020 website
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Gay London


Virtual Pride is cancelled, due to lack of transparency.

The problems began this week when an emailer raised concerns about ‘transparency regarding charity numbers’. Their website had been including the charity number for another charity organisation which members of the Virtual Pride team work for.

hey stressed that Virtual Pride wasn’t a charity and had the aim of raising funds via JustGiving that would be sent to other Pride events including Bristol, Norwich, Cumbria and the planned Merton 2021 event. The Virtual Pride organisers had initially been involved with the 2020 event due to take place in Merton. The charity number was then promptly taken off the Virtual Pride website.

Further problems were on the way though for the event. The same person who had emailed regarding the charity number also looked through the social media accounts of the organisers. This led to the discovery that their festival director had liked some Brexit related tweets by Nigel Farage and also supported Toby Young.

Full article is available on the Gscene website.

Following the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak of 2019/2020, many local Pride festivals and events up and down the UK have been postponed or cancelled.
With people forced into self-isolation, Virtual Pride 2020 offers a FREE day long online festival celebrating Britain’s diverse LGBT+ community.

Saturday 23rd May:

Virtual Pride will feature 14 hours of FREE performances live streamed from the artist’s home. The day will also include speeches and messages from leading LGBT+ personnel and an information/awareness directory on the Virtual Pride website. Viewers will also be encouraged to donate to Virtual Pride and money raised will be split between leading LGBT+ charities.

Every Pride should feature a parade and ours will too…
At 5pm everyone in the UK - and beyond - will be encouraged to post a video on Social Media of themselves walking around their home. They must include a feel-good #VirtualPride message and together, all at once, we will march in unity.
With a lack of LGBT+ parades and marches on our streets this summer, Virtual Pride offers a platform for the LGBT+ community to come together this May.

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corona virus Due to the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak there is a risk that prides in 2020 will be cancelled.
Please check with prides website for the latest information on weather this applicable pride has been cancelled or if the pride has changed their event.
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