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Gay Prides Switzerland 2018

List of prides and gay events in Switzerland for 2018. There are also links to prides in other countries. We have 163 prides for 2018.
Click on the event's name for full details for the applicable event that includes a map of the event's location, or click on the country's name for a list of prides in that country for 2018.
If you scroll down, you have see all the prides listed in date order.

Gay pride dates

International gay pride dates

Pride Pride date Pride Pride date
Pride Lugano 30 May 2018

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May 2018

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Pride 2018 Lugano

30 May 2018
Lugano, Switzerland FOR THE FIRST TIME, A SWITZERLAND NATIONAL PRIDE EVENT SOUTH OF THE ALPS. LGBT Pride Svizzera Italiana 2018 is a non-profit, apolitical association created to promote and celebrate the 2018 national Pride event, to be held for the first time south of the Alps in the Italian-speaking part of the [...]

Pride 2018 Lugano

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